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Citizen Nobel review – chemistry prize winner becomes charismatic climate crusader
This affecting documentary follows Swiss biochemist Jacques Dubochet as he turns the sudden fame provided by his Nobel win into a force for change

Peter Bradshaw

12, Dec, 2022 @7:00 AM

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Researchers discover two new minerals on meteorite grounded in Somalia
‘Phenomenal’ finds are named elaliite and elkinstantonite, and Canadian scientists are analysing third mineral

Oliver Holmes

29, Nov, 2022 @1:22 PM

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Three ‘click chemistry’ scientists share Nobel prize
Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and double winner Barry Sharpless devised way to click molecules together

Ian Sample Science editor

05, Oct, 2022 @10:13 AM

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Wax worm saliva rapidly breaks down plastic bags, scientists discover
Its enzymes degrade polyethylene within hours at room temperature and could ‘revolutionise’ recycling

Damian Carrington Environment editor

04, Oct, 2022 @3:00 PM

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Letters: James Lovelock obituary
Michael Gaskell writes: I painted James Lovelock for the National Portrait Gallery and his company was filled with science, anecdotes and laughter

Michael Gaskell and Philip Heselton

03, Aug, 2022 @2:44 PM

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James Lovelock obituary
Scientist, environmentalist, inventor and exponent of the Gaia theory of the Earth as a self-regulating system

Pearce Wright and Tim Radford

27, Jul, 2022 @3:54 PM

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Lessons in demixing from a box of muesli | Letter
Letter: A force applied to a heterogeneous mixture will tend to separate diverse elements, says Peter Lowe


24, Jul, 2022 @4:17 PM

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Britain’s electric dreams will never come true while China has a materials advantage | John Naughton
Rare earth elements hold the key to a carbon-free future, but a new report reveals the UK’s shortcomings and vulnerabilities

John Naughton

09, Jul, 2022 @3:00 PM

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‘Pervasive’ inequality derailing black UK chemists’ careers, report finds
Royal Society of Chemistry says black and minority ethic chemists paid less and less likely to get research funding

Richard Adams Education editor

16, Mar, 2022 @7:06 PM

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Is self-raising flour the same as plain plus baking powder? | Kitchen aide
Do you want precision or to avoid faff when you want your dough to rise? Here’s where baking really becomes chemistry …

Anna Berrill

22, Feb, 2022 @2:00 PM

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‘A moral issue to correct’: the long tail of Elena Ceaușescu’s fraudulent scientific work
Nicolae Ceaușescu’s Romanian communist regime hailed his wife as an eminent chemistry researcher, though she had no genuine qualifications. But her name lives on in academic journals, and British institutions have yet to retract honours bestowed on her

Melissa Davey

22, Dec, 2021 @1:00 AM

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From pollutant to product: the companies making stuff from CO2
Vodka, jet fuel, protein… according to a new clutch of carbon-to-value startups, these are just some of the things that can be manufactured from thin air

Zoë Corbyn

05, Dec, 2021 @12:00 PM

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