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Stone slab found in France thought to be Europe’s oldest 3D map
Archaeologists believe 4,000-year-old engravings on Saint-Bélec Slab resemble topological features

Kim Willsher in Paris

07, Apr, 2021 @6:03 PM

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Gaming technology recreates 16th-century music in Scottish chapel
Researchers capture how choral music would have sounded in birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots

Libby Brooks Scotland correspondent

05, Apr, 2021 @8:37 AM

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Dig reveals 6,000-year-old salt hub in north-east England
Archaeologist says neolithic discovery may be among oldest salt-processing sites in western Europe

Esther Addley

31, Mar, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Stalin statue site reveals chilling remains of Prague labour camp
Archaeologists have discovered foundations of the previously unknown structure in the city’s Letná park

Robert Tait

28, Mar, 2021 @8:45 AM

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Welsh rabbits serve up prehistoric finds on tiny Skokholm Island
Stone age tool used 9,000 years ago dug up by burrowing bunnies on island off Pembrokeshire

Steven Morris

25, Mar, 2021 @5:05 PM

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‘Such a funny little thing’: ‘snail-man’ relic may depict ancient joke
Silver-gilt object, announced by British Museum, was discovered in a field near Pontefract last year

Mark Brown Arts correspondent

22, Mar, 2021 @4:55 PM

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Dead Sea scroll fragments and 'world's oldest basket' found in desert cave
Six-millennia-old skeleton of child also unearthed during dig in Judean Desert by Israeli archeologists

Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem

16, Mar, 2021 @5:09 PM

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Neanderthals helped create early human art, researcher says
Archaeologist says ability to think and create objects may not have been restricted to homo sapiens

Dalya Alberge

15, Mar, 2021 @4:38 PM

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What happened on HMS Terror? Divers plan return to Franklin wrecks
Scientists hope that ice will give up more clues to the fate of the 1845 Arctic expedition to find the Northwest Passage

Robin McKie and Vanessa Thorpe

14, Mar, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Bronze age burial site in Spain suggests women were among rulers
Researchers in Murcia find exquisite objects at women’s graves later used as sites for elite warrior burials

Ashifa Kassam in Madrid

11, Mar, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Victor Ambrus obituary
Prolific illustrator of archaeological scenes for Time Team on Channel 4 and of books, particularly for children

Mike Pitts and Julia Eccleshare

10, Mar, 2021 @12:00 PM

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Medieval women 'put faith in birth girdles' to protect them during childbirth
New findings cement idea that ritual and religion was invoked using talismans to soothe nerves

Natalie Grover

10, Mar, 2021 @12:01 AM

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