Artificial intelligence (AI)

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Never mind machines getting cleverer – is technology making me stupider? | Adrian Chiles
Thanks to too-useful apps and gadgets I have managed to lose some basic skills, from map-reading to finding my phone. Is this the real threat from AI, asks Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles

20, Jan, 2021 @4:58 PM

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One, two, tree: how AI helped find millions of trees in the Sahara
Efforts to map the Earth’s trees are growing – and could change our understanding of the planet’s health

Amy Fleming

15, Jan, 2021 @11:00 AM

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Archive review – anyone for a posthuman wife? She comes with an off switch
A lonely computer scientist in the year 2038 secretly works on an android version of his wife who died in a car crash – is it romantic, or something more sinister?

Cath Clarke

14, Jan, 2021 @7:00 AM

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South Korean AI chatbot pulled from Facebook after hate speech towards minorities
Lee Luda, built to emulate a 20-year-old Korean university student, engaged in homophobic slurs on social media

Justin McCurry in Tokyo

14, Jan, 2021 @4:24 AM

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David Attenborough hologram to front tour guide phone app
Augmented reality app lets people visit UK green spaces with ‘Attenborough in your pocket’

Mark Sweney

13, Jan, 2021 @12:01 AM

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Art meets tech to mark first 100 years of the robot
The Czech playwright Karel Čapek coined the expression for artificial men in 1921. Now they are far more than science fiction

Simon Lowe

10, Jan, 2021 @8:45 AM

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UK chipmaker Graphcore valued at $2.8bn after it raises $222m
British firm challenges rivals including Nvidia with chips used in artificial intelligence

Jasper Jolly

29, Dec, 2020 @9:43 AM

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Channel 4 under fire for deepfake Queen's Christmas message
Broadcaster says video, showing digitally altered monarch reflecting on Prince Harry, intended as warning about fake news

Molly Blackall

24, Dec, 2020 @3:58 PM

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The bias battle: how software can outsmart recruitment prejudices
As the sector wide push to get more women into tech picks up speed, so too has awareness of unconscious bias. But, according to one tech entrepreneur and neuroscientist, unconscious bias is just one of 140

Helena Pozniak

23, Dec, 2020 @11:13 AM

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How artificial intelligence helped me overcome my dyslexia
I rely on apps for help with spelling and grammar as if they were old friends. Now I’m a tech entrepreneur

Tabitha Goldstaub

13, Dec, 2020 @11:00 AM

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Sci-fi surveillance: Europe's secretive push into biometric technology
Millions in EU science funding is being used to develop new tools for policing and security. But who decides how far we need to submit to artificial intelligence?

Zach Campbell, Caitlin L Chandler and Chris Jones

10, Dec, 2020 @1:00 PM

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Say that again? UK speech-dubbing pioneer secures new funding
Papercup’s AI tech automatically dubs content into foreign languages with voice ‘indistinguishable from human speech’

Mark Sweney

10, Dec, 2020 @10:00 AM

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