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Facebook is allowing Trump back. The platform hasn’t learned its lesson | Jan-Werner Müller
Trump has never shown the slightest repentance for his role in what Facebook gingerly calls ‘civil unrest’

Jan-Werner Müller

27, Jan, 2023 @4:31 PM

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The ChatGPT bot is causing panic now – but it’ll soon be as mundane a tool as Excel | John Naughton
A new AI-assisted chatbot that can generate eerily fluent prose is only the latest in a long series of useful tech accessories

John Naughton

07, Jan, 2023 @4:00 PM

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AI-assisted plagiarism? ChatGPT bot says it has an answer for that
Silicon Valley firm insists its new text generator, which writes human-sounding essays, can overcome fears over cheating

Alex Hern

31, Dec, 2022 @9:00 AM

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Tesla stock marks lowest close in years as investors worry about Musk’s focus
Experts blame Elon Musk’s management style at Twitter for the electric carmaker’s financial problems

Kari Paul and agencies

27, Dec, 2022 @11:48 PM

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Musk, Zuck, SBF: the lousiest tech bosses of 2022 – rated
It’s been a bad year for delusional egomaniacs in Silicon Valley. But who had it worst?

Matthew Cantor

25, Dec, 2022 @9:00 AM

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Ex-Theranos executive Sunny Balwani sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison
Term slightly longer than one given to Elizabeth Holmes for defrauding investors in now-defunct blood testing firm

Kari Paul

08, Dec, 2022 @12:01 AM

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‘The metaverse will be our slow death!’ Is Facebook losing its $100bn gamble on virtual reality?
The company now known as Meta has spent staggering amounts on creating an immersive successor to the traditional 2D internet. But what has it got to show for it, apart from 11,000 job losses?

Steve Rose

07, Dec, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Sam Bankman-Fried’s fall hasn’t killed off ‘effective altruism’ | Brief letters
Brief letters: FTX collapse | Replica of William the Conqueror’s ship | A seat for the privileged | Giant otters | Matt Hancock’s ‘junglewashing’

27, Nov, 2022 @6:13 PM

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The gods of Silicon Valley are falling to earth. So are their warped visions for society | Moya Lothian-McLean
Tech titans like Elon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried have been feted for their wealth, but see the world in ways that also merit scrutiny , says Moya Lothian McLean

Moya Lothian-McLean

25, Nov, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Power-hungry robots, space colonization, cyborgs: inside the bizarre world of ‘longtermism’
Sam Bankman-Fried said his billions would save the world – but his philanthropic ideas ranged from the worthy to the severely outlandish

J Oliver Conroy

20, Nov, 2022 @11:00 AM

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Major investor calls on Google owner to ‘aggressively’ cut staff and pay
Hedge fund owned by Christopher Hohn urges Alphabet to emulate cost-cutting measures of Silicon Valley rivals

Mark Sweney

15, Nov, 2022 @7:06 PM

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Elizabeth Holmes to be sentenced this week as Theranos saga nears conclusion
The blood testing company’s founder could serve up to 20 years in prison after she was convicted in January on four counts of fraud

Kari Paul in San Francisco

14, Nov, 2022 @11:00 AM

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