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From lab to plate: a six-course banquet featuring no-kill dim sum and steak frites
Lab-grown meat could become a mainstay in restaurants if products win regulatory approval. Biologists and chefs share menu ideas

Linda Geddes

25, Feb, 2024 @1:00 PM

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Is the 100-year old TB vaccine a new weapon against Alzheimer’s?
Studies suggest the BCG jab discovered a century ago could provide a cheap and effective way of boosting the immune system to protect people from developing the condition

David Robson

25, Feb, 2024 @1:00 PM

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Take it from a neuroscientist: searching for a ‘male’ and ‘female’ brain is a waste of time | Gina Rippon
Arguments about sex differences in the brain have raged for centuries. Surely there are more urgent questions, says Gina Rippon, an emeritus professor at the Aston Brain Centre, Aston University

Gina Rippon

22, Feb, 2024 @11:00 AM

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I discovered a way to identify the millions of species on Earth after a lightbulb moment in the supermarket
I developed DNA barcoding in my back yard using a UV light and a white sheet to collect the moths of my childhood. I believe it could help discover all life on the planet

Paul Hebert

22, Feb, 2024 @10:30 AM

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Plantwatch: redwoods make amazing recovery after California wildfire
Fresh growth sprouted from buds under bark and deep inside trees, some buds having lain dormant for 1,000 years

Paul Simons

21, Feb, 2024 @6:00 AM

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ADHD may have been an evolutionary advantage, research suggests
Traits associated with the neurodevelopmental disorder could have helped early humans when foraging for food

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

21, Feb, 2024 @12:01 AM

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Juvenile great apes love to tease and annoy their elders, study finds
Young chimps, orangutans, bonobos and gorillas show wide range of playful and sometimes aggressive behaviours

Ian Sample Science editor

14, Feb, 2024 @5:00 AM

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Breaking Through: My Life in Science by Katalin Karikó review – real-life lessons in chemistry
This vivid account of the Hungarian biochemist who endured decades of derision before pioneering Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is a tribute to her tenacity and self-belief

Robin McKie

11, Feb, 2024 @9:00 AM

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Fungi: Web of Life review – Björk and Merlin Sheldrake guide trippy mushroom doc
Beginner’s guide to the wrap-your-brain-around-them facts of mycological science boosts the wonder with 3D time-lapse photography

Cath Clarke

08, Feb, 2024 @9:00 AM

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Who’s the smallest of them all? Meet the world’s amazing tiniest creatures
Often overlooked in favour of larger, more charismatic cousins, we asked scientists to tell us about the smallest-known species, from a nano-chameleon to a miniature frog

Patrick Greenfield

08, Feb, 2024 @5:00 AM

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‘Edible meadow’ for improved gut health to feature at Chelsea flower show
Flowers used in the ‘microbiome garden’ can enhance gut health by being eaten or just walked past

Helena Horton Environment reporter

02, Feb, 2024 @11:18 AM

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Small, long-nosed dog breeds live longer, study reveals
Female dogs from that category have biggest lifespan among pure breeds, but flat-faced canines more at risk of early death

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

01, Feb, 2024 @4:00 PM

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