The moon

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Starwatch: Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury line up with moon
Grouping spans length of Capricornus, helping to mark out faint shape of the goat constellation

Stuart Clark

08, Mar, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Spacewatch: Airbus to build three more moon mission modules
Three more European service modules will be made for use as part of Nasa’s Artemis programme

Stuart Clark

05, Feb, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Starwatch: red jewel of Antares in a pre-dawn pairing with the moon
Brightest star in the Scorpius constellation, a supergiant 68o times larger than our sun, draws close to waning crescent

Stuart Clark

01, Feb, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Holidays on the moon: out of this world package deals from the 60s
It’s 1969 and the Observer is boldly predicting a new vacation experience

Chris Hall

10, Jan, 2021 @6:00 AM

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The five: space missions for 2021
After 2020, anyone would be forgiven for wanting to escape Earth, and Mars, the moon and the asteroid belt beckon

Ian Tucker

10, Jan, 2021 @5:30 AM

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Starwatch: Crescent moon slips past Spica in early morning sky
Virgo’s brightest star is 250 light years away, with a diameter more than seven times larger than the sun’s

Stuart Clark

04, Jan, 2021 @6:00 AM

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China plants its flag on the moon as lunar probe heads back to Earth
China becomes only second country to put national flag on moon, 51 years after US first planted Stars and Stripes

Nadeem Badshah and agency

04, Dec, 2020 @7:06 PM

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Chang’e-5: why has China sent a probe to the moon?
The unmanned Chang’e-5 spacecraft has landed on the moon to pick up lunar rock samples, something not attempted since the 1970s

Helen Sullivan

02, Dec, 2020 @4:04 AM

Starwatch: the Red Planet puts on a brilliant show as the moon passes by
This is a good time to follow the changing relationship between Mars and the waxing gibbous moon

22, Nov, 2020 @9:30 PM

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China prepares to launch mission to collect moon rocks
Long March-5 rocket has been rolled into position for ignition expected this month

Stuart Clark

19, Nov, 2020 @9:30 PM

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Nasa says landing astronauts on moon by 2024 is unlikely
Costs and overruns on key technology have hit schedule of Artemis programme, says report

Stuart Clark

18, Nov, 2020 @9:30 PM

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UK firm to turn moon rock into oxygen and building materials
Technology seen as a vital component in preparations to establish permanent lunar base

Ian Sample Science editor

09, Nov, 2020 @12:01 AM

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