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Queensland inquiry hears fatal crocodile attack likely first involving two of the reptiles
Government researcher tells coroner’s investigation he had never before heard of a human being preyed upon by two crocodiles

Joe Hinchliffe

07, Jun, 2023 @8:39 AM

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Giant flying reptiles revealed to have soared Australia’s skies 107m years ago
Fossils discovered in Victoria 30 years ago are of pterosaurs, the earliest known vertebrates to evolve true flight

Donna Lu Science writer

30, May, 2023 @3:00 PM

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Dorset ‘super reserve’ recreates ancient savannah habitat to boost biodiversity
Devon cattle stand in for extinct aurochs in project aimed at protecting precious species such as sand lizards

Steven Morris

26, May, 2023 @6:00 AM

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Chonk the snapping turtle delights locals with Chicago River appearance
Rare sight of giant reptile basking by waterside offers hope that notoriously polluted waterway is getting cleaner

Erum Salam

12, May, 2023 @5:39 PM

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Toddler’s mystery infection traced back to cake-snatching iguana
Three-year-old was on beach in Costa Rica when reptile tried to steal her dessert and bit her hand

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

31, Mar, 2023 @10:01 PM

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Jurassic bark? Raffle the dog’s rare fossil find goes on display in Dorset
Public finally able to see 3D remains of plesiosaur discovered on Lyme Regis beach 16 years ago

Steven Morris

16, Mar, 2023 @4:34 PM

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‘Like a little dragon’: new gecko species discovered on rugged Queensland island
The carnivorous Phyllurus fimbriatus is only found in the wettest, rockiest pockets of Scawfell Island

Donna Lu Science writer

02, Mar, 2023 @2:01 PM

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Alligator found in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park
Reptile rescued from lake on Sunday is most likely an unwanted pet and has been taken to Bronx Zoo for rehabilitation

Victoria Bekiempis

20, Feb, 2023 @5:37 PM

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‘They aren’t mean and they aren’t trying to get you’: saving the copperbelly water snake
Few copperbelly water snakes survive in remnants of wetlands in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Captive breeding may be the only chance for the species

Ryan Wagner

14, Feb, 2023 @7:45 AM

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A gecko: not the hiss or croak for me | Helen Sullivan
The gecko licks its eyeball seductively: ‘I mean, have you seen my feet?’

Helen Sullivan

23, Jan, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Bring back Guardian Soulmates – my go-to for ‘invariably socialist’ online dating | Brief letters
Brief letters: Reliable in romance | Smooth operator | Tory chatbot | Swimming tortoises

22, Jan, 2023 @4:12 PM

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‘Exceptionally rare’: reported crocodile sighting in south-east Queensland sparks investigation
Visitors urged to stay away from Myora Springs on Minjerribah, also known as North Stradbroke Island

Eden Gillespie and Australian Associated Press

18, Jan, 2023 @5:25 AM

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