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Security warnings at UK nuclear facilities hit 12-year high as inspections fall
Exclusive: Fears over regulator’s ability to cope with planned expansion in nuclear energy

Wil Crisp

26, May, 2022 @9:47 AM

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Ancient cypress in Chile may be the world’s oldest tree, new study suggests
The tree, in Chile’s Alerce Costero national park, is known as the Great-Grandfather and could be more than 5,000 years old

John Bartlett in Santiago

26, May, 2022 @9:00 AM

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European fishing fleets accused of illegally netting tuna in Indian Ocean
Reports handed to EU claim vessels likely to have entered coastal states’ waters where stocks are dwindling

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

26, May, 2022 @8:56 AM

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Ban on new gas connections will help transition Victoria away from fossil fuels, inquiry finds
Parliamentary committee also recommends cut-off date for sale of diesel and petrol cars

Adeshola Ore

26, May, 2022 @7:32 AM

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Unexpected influx of striped hawkmoths hits southern England
Favourable winds that have swept in superstar of the moth world have also brought painted ladies

Patrick Barkham

26, May, 2022 @5:00 AM

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MSC orders inquiry into shark finning on tuna vessels in the Pacific
Campaigners report incidents of the cruel practice on several certified boats, amid allegations of a flawed auditing system

Karen McVeigh

26, May, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Country diary: In the dead of night, my garden comes alive
Langstone, Havant: Unbeknownst to me, a whole soap opera was carrying on – with six hedgehogs in the ‘wild corner’

Claire Stares

26, May, 2022 @4:30 AM

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Amid the rubble of election defeat, are claims of a dying net zero agenda credible? | Temperature Check
Barnaby Joyce ponders ditching net zero, while Matt Canavan’s claim the climate goal is ‘a failed agenda’ globally dismissed as ‘laughably untrue’

Graham Readfearn

26, May, 2022 @12:12 AM

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Click, clack and pop: sounds indicate health of coral reefs, study finds
Monitoring the planet’s ailing coral is costly and arduous. Now new research shows that scientists can do it by listening in

Sofia Quaglia

25, May, 2022 @3:35 PM

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A sweet spot on the banks of the Thames | Brief letters
Brief letters: An ode to Three Men in a Boat | Ditch the duvet | Mike Davis obituary | Just the ticket


25, May, 2022 @3:24 PM

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Secrets of California’s skydiving salamanders revealed by researchers
Wandering salamanders live in the world’s tallest trees and wind tunnel tests show how the amphibians take their ‘leaps of faith’

Katharine Gammon

25, May, 2022 @2:51 PM

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Only one bathing river spot around Oxford has bacteria within safe levels, study finds
Other seven locations popular with locals have high concentrations of harmful bacteria due to sewage and livestock

Sandra Laville

25, May, 2022 @2:29 PM

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