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‘Dying like flies’: A million chickens die on way from farm to abattoir each year
Whistleblower says birds are dying ‘in a pretty rough way’ from heat stress and lack of water on journeys in England and Wales

Tom Levitt

26, Feb, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Male lyrebirds resort to artful deception in the pursuit of procreation
Males use vocal trickery to fool females into thinking a threat is lurking, giving them time to sow their genetic seeds

Graham Readfearn

25, Feb, 2021 @4:30 PM

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Cattle stranded at sea 'face immediate slaughter' if ship docks in Spain, says manager
Livestock company still hopes to find a buyer for animals on board ship for two months, after rejection by Turkey and Libya

Sophie Kevany

25, Feb, 2021 @12:28 PM

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Country diary: thrutching and skeltering through a wild wood
Wenlock Edge, Shropshire: A detour through the trees appeared to offer refuge, but appearances proved deceptive

Paul Evans

25, Feb, 2021 @5:30 AM

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Mammoth woolly: Baarack the overgrown sheep shorn of his 35kg fleece
Escaped merino ram found on the lam in regional Australia is said to be recovering well

Naaman Zhou and Nick Evershed

25, Feb, 2021 @1:16 AM

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Seven weeks in, what have I learned from my new life as a dog person? | Adrian Chiles
Our new puppy refuses to walk, has a joke name and won’t be toilet trained. I can’t imagine life without him

Adrian Chiles

24, Feb, 2021 @5:54 PM

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Arctic ice loss forces polar bears to use four times as much energy to survive – study
Other predators such as narwhals are suffering similarly as unique adaptations become less suited

Phoebe Weston

24, Feb, 2021 @1:50 PM

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Cattle stranded at sea for two months are likely dead or ‘suffering hell’
Two livestock ships have been refused entry to multiple countries on health grounds since leaving Spain in December

Sophie Kevany and Ashifa Kassam

24, Feb, 2021 @12:13 PM

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All's fair in love and the suburban bird-feeding wars | Peter White
Once upon a time, our garden was a popular feeding site for birds of all sizes. Then our neighbour lured them away, and my wife is hatching a retaliation plan, writes Peter White

Peter White

24, Feb, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Country diary: the introspective potter of a badger's night out
Sandy, Bedfordshire: The defining visual features left by this JCB of an animal are the thick, long claws

Derek Niemann

24, Feb, 2021 @5:30 AM

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Beaver believers: Native Americans promote resurgence of 'nature's engineers'
The rodents are often considered ‘nuisance animals’, but they can play a vital role in maintaining healthy landscapes

Lucy Sherriff

23, Feb, 2021 @10:15 AM

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Global freshwater fish populations at risk of extinction, study finds
World’s Forgotten Fishes report lists pollution, overfishing and climate change as dangers

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

23, Feb, 2021 @6:00 AM

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