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Australian company secures $700,000 deal for carbon capture and storage machine
AspiraDAC device can remove two tonnes of CO2 a year and store it underground using direct air capture technology

Graham Readfearn

01, Jul, 2022 @8:00 PM

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Just Stop Oil activists glue themselves to Turner painting frame in Manchester
Supporters of group say young people have ‘nothing to lose any more’ as they call for end to new oil and gas projects

Damien Gayle

01, Jul, 2022 @5:08 PM

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Woodland Trust calls for protections for England’s 2.1m ancient trees
Conservation group wants to ‘drive cultural shift’ to designate trees and woodlands ‘as fundamental to quality of life’

Esther Addley

01, Jul, 2022 @3:52 PM

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Rare wild ancestors of domestic pigeon found on Scottish islands
Small populations of wild rock doves discovered in places including Outer Hebrides

Mark Brown

01, Jul, 2022 @3:04 PM

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There are good reasons for a double shampoo – if you can avoid waste
An Italian town has banned the practice during a heatwave, but if done right it benefits hair and scalp

Sali Hughes

01, Jul, 2022 @1:59 PM

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Woman, 71, gored by bison in third Yellowstone incident this year
Woman, who has non-life-threatening injuries, treated in Wyoming hospital after encounter in national park

Victoria Bekiempis

01, Jul, 2022 @1:44 PM

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Amazon wild west: where drugs, fish and logging are big money but life is cheap
Illegal businesses form an interlocking web in the Brazilian remote region where Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were killed, threatening Indigenous communities and local ecology

Oliver Laughland and Roberto Kaz on the Itaquaí River

01, Jul, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Warnings on air pollution need to be directed towards polluters – study
Focus of information places health responsibility on those who bear consequences of breathing poor air

Gary Fuller

01, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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‘Talk with us, not for us’: fishing communities accuse UN of ignoring their voices
Developing countries’ delegates at UN conference seek recognition of small fisheries’ role in protecting oceans and fighting hunger

Karen McVeigh in Lisbon

01, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Country diary: Make hay while the sun shines? That can be tricky in Cumbria
Tebay, Cumbria: Getting the grass cut, baled and stored in the barn is one of the biggest and most important jobs of the year

Andrea Meanwell

01, Jul, 2022 @4:30 AM

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Former Australian chief scientist to head review of carbon credit scheme after whistleblower revelations
Climate change minister to announce Prof Ian Chubb will lead six-month probe of scheme labelled ‘largely a sham’ by one expert

Adam Morton and Katharine Murphy

30, Jun, 2022 @11:53 PM

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Fuel-poor homes face taking £250 energy hit due to poor insulation
Better insulation would save large sums for millions struggling with the cost of living, finds LGA report

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

30, Jun, 2022 @11:01 PM

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