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Flying giant pterosaurs had longer neck than a giraffe, say experts
Intact remains, discovered in Morocco, may help engineers create stronger lightweight structures

Rhi Storer

14, Apr, 2021 @2:00 PM

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Answer to fossil record puzzle may lie with teenage T rexes, study finds
Absence of smaller dinosaurs may be result of adolescent megatheropods crowding them out

Linda Geddes

25, Feb, 2021 @7:00 PM

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Reality bites: Could Jurassic Park actually happen?
Spielberg might have claimed the 90s classic ‘depends on credibility’ – but with no dinosaur DNA, get set for fewer ferocious beasts and more … chickens

Alexi Duggins

22, Feb, 2021 @1:00 PM

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Footprints of crocodile-like prehistoric reptile found in Italian Alps
Fossilised track dates back to period immediately following mass extinction 252m years ago

Angela Giuffrida in Rome

15, Jan, 2021 @4:06 PM

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Digital technology reveals secrets of UK's earliest dinosaur
Thecodontosaurus antiquus a nimble omnivore that ran on two legs, CT scans and 3D modelling suggest

Linda Geddes

14, Dec, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Melbourne Museum acquires world’s most complete triceratops skeleton in ‘immense’ dinosaur deal
Unlike the ‘dime a dozen’ T-Rex, there are only a handful of near-complete triceratops skeletons in the world – and one is coming to Australia

Stephanie Convery

02, Dec, 2020 @4:12 AM

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Remains of new flying reptile species spotted in UK museum drawer
Student finds mislabelled fragment of pterosaur, which flew over eastern England up to 66m years ago

Steven Morris

10, Nov, 2020 @3:52 PM

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Climate crisis 233m years ago reshaped life on Earth, say scientists
Volcanic eruptions drove global heating, causing mass extinctions and ushering in dinosaur era

Ian Sample Science editor

16, Sep, 2020 @6:00 PM

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The Guardian view on studying dinosaurs: ancient creatures, cutting-edge science | Editorial
Editorial: A discovery in the Isle of Wight should remind us that we are living in a golden age of palaeontology


28, Aug, 2020 @5:25 PM

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Mátyás Vremir obituary
Palaeontologist whose finds included a poodle-sized relative of the velociraptor

Steve Brusatte

09, Aug, 2020 @2:01 PM

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Dinosaurs wiped out by asteroid, not volcanoes, researchers say
Study says surge in volcanic activity could not have caused Cretaceous/Paleogene extinction event

Nicola Davis

29, Jun, 2020 @7:00 PM

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Allosaurus dinosaur suspected to be scavenging cannibal
Dinosaur-on-dinosaur dining habit revealed by scrutiny of fossil bones from Colorado site

Nicola Davis

27, May, 2020 @6:00 PM

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