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Cyclone Seroja aftermath: ‘I prayed and prayed in the dark’
In Kupang, Indonesia, residents wait for aid after torrential rain, destructive winds and flooding forced thousands into shelters

Febriana Firdaus in Bali

10, Apr, 2021 @5:42 AM

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Monash University signs deal with Indonesian government as universities diversify from China
Indonesian campus aims to grow within decade to 2,000 masters students, 1,000 ‘executive education students’ and 100 PhD students annually

Naaman Zhou

08, Apr, 2021 @2:11 AM

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Anger after Indonesia offers Elon Musk Papuan island for SpaceX launchpad
Biak island residents say SpaceX launchpad would devastate island’s ecology and displace people from their homes

Rory James

09, Mar, 2021 @11:22 PM

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Dragon slayer: how a prehistoric Australian goanna seduced the mighty Komodo
An ancestor of the sand monitor interbred with the world’s largest lizard, research reveals

Royce Kurmelovs

02, Mar, 2021 @5:57 AM

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Black-browed babbler found in Borneo 180 years after last sighting
Exclusive: Stuffed specimen was only proof of bird’s existence until discovery in rainforest last year

Patrick Barkham

25, Feb, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Indigenous peoples face rise in rights abuses during pandemic, report finds
Increasing land grabs endangering forest communities and wildlife as governments expand mining and agriculture to combat economic impact of Covid

Patrick Greenfield

18, Feb, 2021 @3:00 PM

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'I have to do this to survive': a night with Jakarta's silvermen
Indonesian men, women and children are risking their health wearing metallic paint to earn money as the economic impact of coronavirus worsens

Gemma Holliani Cahya in Jakarta

05, Feb, 2021 @2:35 AM

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Family of Indonesian plane crash victims sue Boeing for ‘dangerous’ aircraft
The lawsuit filed by the family of three victims alleges the Boeing 737-500 aircraft was defective in one or more ways

Rebecca Ratcliffe in Bangkok

31, Jan, 2021 @5:23 AM

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Men caned 77 times in Indonesia after 'being caught having sex'
Men in Aceh province were detained by vigilantes before being caned in public

Rebecca Ratcliffe South-east Asia correspondent

29, Jan, 2021 @5:56 AM

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The Queen of Black Magic review – derivative gross-out horror
An Indonesian family’s trip to the orphanage where dad grew up turns into an unrelenting stream of nastiness as vengeful spirits emerge

Leslie Felperin

27, Jan, 2021 @9:00 AM

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UN global climate poll: ‘The people’s voice is clear – they want action’
Biggest ever climate change survey finds two-thirds of people think climate change is a global emergency

Damian Carrington Environment editor

27, Jan, 2021 @5:01 AM

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'We live here': fears tourist tweets on gay lifestyle may backfire on Bali's LGBT community
Expulsion of US woman who promoted Indonesian island as ‘queer-friendly’ reveals how acceptance extends only to visitors

Gemma Holliani Cahya in Jakarta

27, Jan, 2021 @4:09 AM

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