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New Australian environment laws would not stop widespread deforestation, organisations say
Three groups familiar with draft conservation laws say they do not go far enough and may allow political influence on development decisions

Adam Morton Climate and environment editor

21, Feb, 2024 @2:00 PM

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‘Dirty political games’: Suriname is selling its gold and timber – at the cost of tribal land rights
Communities such as the Saamaka are vocal in opposition to increased mining and logging – but has the country’s claim to fame as the most forested in the world already been fatally undermined?

Bram Ebus in Pokigron, Suriname

21, Feb, 2024 @11:39 AM

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Photographer Sebastião Salgado at 80: ‘They say I was an aesthete of misery’
The legendary photojournalist looks back on a life committed to documenting people and the planet, and explains why nature became his focus

Andrei Netto in Paris

08, Feb, 2024 @12:00 PM

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India’s plan for untouched Nicobar isles will be ‘death sentence’ for isolated tribe
Exclusive: $9bn port, airport and military base on Great Nicobar Island will cause ‘genocide’ of isolated Shompen, academics warn

Amrit Dhillon in Delhi

07, Feb, 2024 @5:00 AM

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Brazil’s nut-breakers refuse to crack as their precious palms are threatened
Generations of women of the Amazon and Cerrado have split the coconuts of the babaçu tree for the oil. As the forests are cleared and electric fences put up, they must fight to secure rights to their beloved trees Photographs by Kristin Bethge for the Guardian

Beatriz Miranda

06, Feb, 2024 @12:00 PM

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More than 100,000 trees to be planted in Devon to boost Celtic rainforest
National Trust says it hopes to establish 50 hectares across three sites close to surviving pockets of rainforest

Steven Morris

29, Jan, 2024 @6:00 AM

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Optimism dries up in Amazon as Lula drifts from climate priorities
Brazil’s president inspired hope a year ago but approval of a new highway shows he remains a concrete-and-oil state builder

Jonathan Watts

25, Jan, 2024 @1:00 PM

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‘We cannot be cowards’: the Brazilian village fighting for the right to have water
Latin America’s water wars: In a struggle that has already cost one life, a community founded by those who fled slavery is fighting to save its access to water and way of life against encroaching farmers

Paloma de Dinechin in Tiningu, Brazil

24, Jan, 2024 @12:00 PM

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Questions over £22bn in UK billpayer cash handed to wood-burning firms
Spending watchdog calls for biomass subsidy scheme to have tougher environmental requirements

Jillian Ambrose Energy correspondent

24, Jan, 2024 @11:54 AM

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Cookstove carbon offsets overstate climate benefit by 1,000%, study finds
Cookstove projects are one of the fastest-growing carbon offset schemes but research finds carbon benefits are vastly overstated

Patrick Greenfield

23, Jan, 2024 @10:00 AM

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Brexit divergence from EU destroying UK’s vital environmental protections
Exclusive: Britain is falling behind the bloc on almost every area of green regulation, analysis reveals

Helena Horton Environment reporter

19, Jan, 2024 @6:00 PM

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Fury at plan to extend Drax subsidy to burn trees for electricity
Climate groups and MPs criticise proposals for consumers to foot bill to support biomass plant after existing scheme ends in 2027

Jillian Ambrose

18, Jan, 2024 @5:32 PM

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