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Councils say they are ‘held to ransom’ by private providers of children’s care
One child cost a local authority £63,000 a week and the number of placements has shot up to more than 1,500 from 120 five years ago

Robert Booth Social affairs correspondent

29, Nov, 2023 @5:18 PM

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Can the minister for children deliver the government’s flagship early years scheme?
Following the announcement of a £400m funding package, David Johnston conducts a charm offensive over its delivery

Alexandra Topping

29, Nov, 2023 @12:03 AM

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DfE failing to resource changes at troubled Kent school, says charity head
Staff at Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey strike over threatening pupil behaviour as Steve Chalke says no government promises being met

Sally Weale Education correspondent

28, Nov, 2023 @7:07 PM

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William Yule obituary
Psychologist who pioneered the treatment of children after such disasters as the Zeebrugge ferry sinking and the King’s Cross fire

Penny Warren

28, Nov, 2023 @6:48 PM

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‘It should never have happened’: death of boy, 16, at sawmill highlights rise of child labour in US
Michael Schuls died after getting trapped in dangerous machinery at a mill in Wisconsin. But across the US conservative groups are pushing to loosen laws that protect children in the workplace

Eric Berger in Wisconsin

28, Nov, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Meta designed platforms to get children addicted, court documents allege
Instagram and Facebook parent company also knowingly allowed underage users to hold accounts, unsealed legal complaint says

Kari Paul and agencies

27, Nov, 2023 @7:18 PM

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Covid changed parents’ and pupils’ relationship with school | Letters
Letters: Andrea Dow thinks the bond with school needed to be broken and Dan Thompson says schools must acknowledge what’s happened to rebuild trust. Plus a letter from psychologist Dr Helen Care

27, Nov, 2023 @4:32 PM

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Medics quitting jobs over ‘distress caused by rightwing Christian group’
London-based Christian Legal Centre behind a number of end-of-life court cases ‘prolonging suffering’, doctors say

Josh Halliday

27, Nov, 2023 @9:00 AM

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UK school pupils ‘using AI to create indecent imagery of other children’
Protection groups call for urgent action to help pupils understand risks of making images that legally constitute child sexual abuse

Harriet Grant

27, Nov, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Is ‘teen-ternity’ leave just a new way to make mothers feel guilty?
There’s a stigma around struggling adolescents. Some women quit their jobs to look after them – but it’s not about poor parenting, it’s just life

Barbara Ellen

26, Nov, 2023 @10:00 AM

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‘No no no. Avoid them all’: anti-vaccine conspiracies spread as UK cases of measles increase
Online anti-vaxxers, conflating Covid and MMR theories, are convincing parents against immunising their children

Shanti Das

25, Nov, 2023 @4:00 PM

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What I learned from our child sexual abuse survey: ‘rational paranoia’ can help parents protect their kids | Michael Salter
You have to walk a fine line between managing risk and going overboard – and building trust with your children is key

Michael Salter

24, Nov, 2023 @11:00 PM

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