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Mangoes in July: how growers coax a summer crop to fruit in winter
Australia’s mango season is getting longer. Making it happen is ‘a bit like KFC’: lots of secret ingredients plus trial and error

Natalie Parletta

22, Jul, 2021 @5:30 PM

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Saving the bacon: will British pig farmers ​survive a ban on cages?
An end to UK pig confinement is in sight, but producers fear they will be left carrying the cost of high-welfare options in the face of cheap imports

Tom Levitt

21, Jul, 2021 @6:58 AM

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Small farms vanish every day in America’s dairyland: ‘There ain’t no future in dairy’
Farming families are facing a choice: compete with high-production outfits, if they can, or abandon generations of dairy farming

Summer Sewell in Monroe, Wisconsin

21, Jul, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Britain’s rivers are suffocating to death | George Monbiot
Water that should be crystal clear has become a green-brown slop of microscopic algae because of industrial farm waste, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

George Monbiot

21, Jul, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Offering aid without development is costing lives in the global south | Letter
Letter: The west is acting like the empires of old and failing to help poor people stand on their own two feet, says Benny Dembitzer


20, Jul, 2021 @4:03 PM

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UK farmers: tell us about the impact of Covid on seasonal workers
We would like to hear from UK farmers and agricultural workers about how their industry has been affected

Guardian community team

20, Jul, 2021 @9:48 AM

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Dispatches from the grassroots: Farmerama and the new wave of food media
The Farmerama Radio team is leading a surge of podcasts and independent magazines examining the politics and culture of food

Kieran Morris

18, Jul, 2021 @12:00 PM

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The illusion of choice: five stats that expose America’s food monopoly crisis
Here are some key findings of the investigation the Guardian published this week into America’s monopolized food system

Nina Lakhani, Aliya Uteuova and Alvin Chang

18, Jul, 2021 @12:00 PM

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From cucumber soup to ice-cream: summer recipes from Skye Gyngell
Recipes inspired by chef Skye Gyngell’s collaboration with Jane Scotter of Fern Verrow farm

Interview by Allan Jenkins, recipes by Skye Gyngell

18, Jul, 2021 @11:00 AM

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‘Sustainable isn’t a thing’: why regenerative agriculture is food’s latest buzzword
Everyone from small farms to McDonald’s is getting involved in regenerative agriculture. Could it point the way to a better future for farming?

Tim Lewis

18, Jul, 2021 @7:00 AM

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A big chance to tackle Britain’s rampant meat consumption has been missed | Rosemary Green
The National Food Strategy bypasses the crucial issue of how our diet harms the climate, says sustainability and nutrition professor Rosemary Green

Rosemary Green

16, Jul, 2021 @1:48 PM

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‘We’re not animals, we’re human beings’: US farm workers labor in deadly heat with few protections
Advocates want Osha to issue federal heat standards, requiring water, shade and rest breaks

Michael Sainato

16, Jul, 2021 @11:34 AM

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