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Build back solar: the Puerto Ricans who see sun as key to resist climate shocks
Ahead of the Cop 26 climate summit, Nina Lakhani reports from Puerto Rico on the row over how quickly to move to renewables, and the costs of delay

Nina Lakhani in Guayama and Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

18, Oct, 2021 @9:00 AM

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Eight years, 20 policies: how Australia’s leaders have fumbled and dithered on climate
How did we get here? And how much has actually changed? Before we look forward to 2050, let’s take a look back …

Amy Remeikis

16, Oct, 2021 @7:00 PM

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It’s easy to feel pessimistic about climate. But we’ve got two big things on our side | Bill McKibben
One is the astonishing fall in the cost of renewable energy. The other is the huge growth in the citizens’ movements demanding action, says academic and climate campaigner Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben

15, Oct, 2021 @8:00 AM

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EU energy official says bloc must end reliance on foreign fossil fuels
Kadri Simson points to Russia’s failure to increase gas supplies as reason to scale up renewables

Jennifer Rankin in Brussels

13, Oct, 2021 @3:12 PM

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Macron reveals €30bn plan to ‘reindustrialise’ France in likely re-election bid
French president uses speech to outline his plan for French innovation in 2030

Angelique Chrisafis in Paris

12, Oct, 2021 @4:38 PM

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Should Australia build nuclear power plants to combat the climate crisis?
Though renewable energy could meet 100% of demand by 2025, the nuclear option still looms over discussions on how to rapidly lower emissions. Is it worth it?

Royce Kurmelovs

12, Oct, 2021 @4:30 PM

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Prince Charles reveals his car runs on cheese and wine byproducts
Charles’s ‘quaint’ solution to decarbonise his Aston Martin using high blend of bioethanol is not scalable, experts say

Ben Quinn

11, Oct, 2021 @5:26 PM

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‘Good seas, good grids and good wind’: Australia’s tentative first steps towards an offshore wind industry
Australia seems made for industrial-scale wind energy, but a federal government move to finally make it legal has left some disappointed

Royce Kurmelovs

08, Oct, 2021 @7:00 PM

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National Grid in talks over plan for energy island in North Sea
UK firm says windfarm project that could help power British homes could be completed by 2030

Miranda Bryant

08, Oct, 2021 @11:00 AM

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Biomass is promoted as a carbon neutral fuel. But is burning wood a step in the wrong direction?
Ecologists say the industry’s sustainability claims are deceptive and not the clean, renewable energy source that the planet desperately needs

Rebecca Speare-Cole

05, Oct, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Tax flights and ditch gas boilers: ‘blue wall’ voters back green policy
A majority of voters in the Conservative party’s key 41 constituencies believe the UK should be a world leader on climate

Fiona Harvey environment correspondent

03, Oct, 2021 @8:30 AM

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In search of ‘Lithium Valley’: why energy companies see riches in the California desert
Firms say what’s underneath the Salton Sea could fuel a green-energy boom. But struggling residents have heard such claims before

Aaron Miguel Cantú in Calipatria

27, Sep, 2021 @10:00 AM

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