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Buffalo might never have happened if online hate had been tackled after Christchurch | Imran Ahmed
Meta, Twitter and Google have done little to fight radicalisation, violating their own rules, says the CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, Imran Ahmed

Imran Ahmed

16, May, 2022 @1:27 PM

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What party is ScoMo in? What is a corflute? Who should I vote for and who will win? The top Google searches of the Australian election
Voters engaging with politics in the final weeks of the campaign are searching for basic information like ‘when is the 2022 election in Australia?’, and hoping to find out who is winning

Josh Taylor

13, May, 2022 @12:25 AM

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Sonos launches cheaper Ray soundbar and new voice control system
Own-brand voice recognition update can replace Google or Alexa for faster, more private music commands

Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor

11, May, 2022 @8:05 PM

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Google IO: Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch and Android 13 unveiled
New Pro earbuds and upcoming Pixel 7 phones, tablet and software shown off during virtual event

Samuel Gibbs

11, May, 2022 @7:00 PM

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TechScape: Apple, Google and Microsoft are about to make passwords a thing of the past
In this week’s newsletter: safer than two-factor authentication and easier than remembering dozens of codes, the ‘Fido’ system will make our digital lives smoother

Alex Hern

11, May, 2022 @10:45 AM

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UK watchdog will have power to impose huge fines on big tech firms
According to the government, Digital Markets Unit will protect small businesses and consumers

Dan Milmo Global technology editor

05, May, 2022 @9:30 PM

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YouTube Kids shows videos promoting drug culture and firearms to toddlers
Breaking Bad-themed cooking show and music with lyrics about cocaine among content deemed appropriate for children as young as two

Alex Hern

05, May, 2022 @5:00 PM

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Picture perfect: how to take, store and print photos from your phone
If you keep precious camera moments locked away on a mobile they are at risk of being lost

Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor

30, Apr, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Labor to support global push for minimum 15% tax rate on multinational corporations
Opposition backs OECD approach and says Australians pay more while ‘losing out on funds’ as multinationals avoid taxation

Katharine Murphy Political editor

27, Apr, 2022 @2:38 AM

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Alphabet revenue falls short as YouTube and TikTok battle for users
Supply issues, inflation and war in Ukraine fuel Google parent company’s first-quarter struggles

Kari Paul and agencies

26, Apr, 2022 @11:05 PM

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Google doodle marks Earth Day 2022 with stark images of climate crisis
Time-lapse satellite images show glacial retreat at Mount Kilimanjaro, Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching, deforestation in Germany and Greenland glacial melt

Royce Kurmelovs

22, Apr, 2022 @3:29 AM

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Upon my death, delete: how to plan your digital legacy
Whether you want your information destroyed, stored or memorialised, many tech platforms now offer options for handling users’ data after death

Ritesh Chugh

03, Apr, 2022 @5:30 PM

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