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Negative criticism: can the surge in Google review defamation cases be stopped?
Defamation law changes mean complainants must demonstrate serious harm has been suffered as a result of comments

Josh Taylor

24, Jul, 2021 @8:00 PM

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Why the Bank of England has it head in the cloud over data security
Rapid digitalisation of banking services and increasing reliance on just three tech giants has made the Bank uneasy

Kalyeena Makortoff Banking correspondent

21, Jul, 2021 @5:00 AM

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The BBC’s interviewer found himself on a sticky wicket with Google’s CEO
Amol Rajan’s questioning failed to get behind the defences of Sundar Pichai’s ‘nice guy’ media image

John Naughton

17, Jul, 2021 @3:00 PM

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What’s artificial intelligence best at? Stealing human ideas
Up for discussion in the first Guardian tech newsletter: can artificial intelligence enhance rather than replace us … internet age verification … plus Google’s €500m French fine

Alex Hern

14, Jul, 2021 @10:50 AM

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Trump says he will sue social media giants over ‘censorship’
The former president announced a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google claiming anti-conservative bias

David Smith Washington bureau chief

07, Jul, 2021 @6:35 PM

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Google, Facebook and other tech companies threaten to quit Hong Kong over privacy law
Asia Internet Coalition, including Twitter and Apple, sounds warning over amendments to laws that could see individuals hit with ‘severe sanctions’

Helen Davidson in Taipei

06, Jul, 2021 @12:04 PM

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Guardian Australia strikes deal with Facebook to licence news to the platform
A similar agreement was made with Google in February for Guardian Australia to participate in the company’s News Showcase product

Josh Taylor

02, Jul, 2021 @2:32 AM

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Consumers ‘paying the price’ for outdated competition watchdog
Competition and Markets Authority needs new powers in 21st century, report by former chair finds

Zoe Wood

01, Jul, 2021 @11:01 PM

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Social network giants pledge to tackle abuse of women online
Facebook, Google, Twitter and TikTok commit to overhaul their platform’s moderation systems

Alex Hern UK technology editor

01, Jul, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Google’s delay in fighting online scammers is cause for shame
The tech giant’s move to combat fraud and dodgy ads has taken too long. The online safety bill must change

Nils Pratley

30, Jun, 2021 @11:01 PM

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Google search feature gives wrong guidance on UK self-isolation rules
Information was parsed from website incorrectly, leading to possible confusion over Covid requirements

Alex Hern Technology editor

28, Jun, 2021 @5:25 PM

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Google starts warning users if search results are likely to be poor
New message warns that results are ‘changing quickly’ and may not yet include reliable sources

Alex Hern UK technology editor

25, Jun, 2021 @4:30 PM

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