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Memory lanes: Google’s map of our lives
Google’s Street View helps us navigate the world, but it’s also a portal on forgotten places and secret moments

Sirin Kale

30, Oct, 2021 @2:00 PM

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When I’m homesick, I take a walk down the streets on my screen | Leandra Beabout
This is the story of how I fell in love with Google Street View, which is really a story about coming home

Leandra Beabout

21, Jan, 2020 @1:47 AM

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Google Street View’s ability to calculate car accident risks is digital tech writ large | John Naughton
A new study suggests that machine-learning software, used in conjunction with Street View, can provide more accurate insurance premiums

John Naughton

28, Apr, 2019 @5:59 AM

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Prince Charles at 70: royal fans can explore Clarence House online
Project created with Google to showcase prince’s support for heritage, art and architecture

Caroline Davies

13, Nov, 2018 @8:00 AM

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Sebastian Thrun: ‘The costs of the air taxi system could be less than an Uber’
The Google X founder on flying taxis, the healthcare uses for AI – and why we haven’t seen the last of Google Glass

Zoë Corbyn

26, Aug, 2018 @7:00 AM

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Not so sheepish now: Google Street View adds the Faroe Islands
One woman’s idea of strapping cameras to sheep prodded the internet giant into helping put the north Atlantic islands on Street View – with a resulting upswing in tourism

Rachel Dixon

02, Nov, 2017 @2:24 PM

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Google Maps leaves visitors to Australian lighthouse town in the dark
While the Blue Mountains error in New South Wales has been fixed, those looking for Aireys Inlet in Victoria head down a residential driveway

Naaman Zhou

08, Oct, 2017 @1:31 AM

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Uluru arrives on Google Street View, giving online experience of sacred area
Collaboration with Anangu of the central desert aims to introduce foreign visitors to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Aboriginal lore

Helen Davidson in Darwin

07, Jun, 2017 @2:23 PM

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Google Street View's beefed-up privacy blurs cow's face
Google admitted their software had been ‘overzealous’, but didn’t begrudge cow for milking its newfound fame

Chris Johnston

18, Sep, 2016 @8:46 AM

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Faroe Islands fit cameras to sheep to create Google Street View
Tired of waiting for Google to map the archipelago, Faroe Islanders have launched Sheep View 360, enlisting their ovine population to do the leg work

Will Coldwell

12, Jul, 2016 @12:57 PM

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Google maps aims to let you walk the North Downs – without leaving your sofa
Some of the most beautiful walks in England and Wales will be appearing on Google Street View from 17 March

Brian Oliver

06, Mar, 2016 @2:44 PM

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Climb Mont Blanc – with Google Street View
Google’s global mapping mission means it is now possible to scale the Alps’ famous peak in the company of some of the world’s top mountaineers

Will Coldwell

21, Jan, 2016 @1:35 PM

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