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City faces fresh post-Brexit blow as EU moves to restrict certain trades
Battle focuses on what EU sees as bloc’s over-reliance on London’s clearing houses handling euro-denominated derivatives

Jennifer Rankin in Brussels

07, Dec, 2022 @1:51 PM

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Gove confirms mandatory housebuilding targets for councils will be abolished in face of Tory rebellion – as it happened
Levelling up secretary confirms government will change levelling up bill after number of Tory MPs tabled rebel amendment

Joe Middleton (now); Andrew Sparrow and Fran Lawther (earlier)

05, Dec, 2022 @8:28 PM

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The Tories’ bungled Brexit has cost us billions. It’s time to make that clear | Letters
Letters: Neil Kinnock says pointing out the harm done by Brexit is public service information, not ‘remoaning’. Plus letters from John Bailey, Pauline Caldwell and Nicolas Baby

05, Dec, 2022 @5:27 PM

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While EU regulators take on Elon Musk, Britain’s online safety bill is a beacon of mediocrity | Chris Stokel-Walker
The attempt to bring big tech to heel promised much but, three years on, pleases no one, says the journalist and author Chris Stokel-Walker

Chris Stokel-Walker

05, Dec, 2022 @3:33 PM

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Reversing Brexit now would not help UK economy, says Keir Starmer
Rejoining single market would create even more uncertainty, says Labour leader, who instead wants a ‘better Brexit’

Peter Walker Political correspondent

05, Dec, 2022 @9:08 AM

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New HMRC data raises UK hopes of end to Northern Ireland Brexit trade checks
Analysis of database tailored to EU needs shows 85% of GB exports stay in the region’s factories and shops

Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent

05, Dec, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Swati Dhingra of the Bank of England: ‘Are we going to end up deepening the recession?’
In her first interview since joining the monetary policy committee, Britain’s newest interest-rate setter warns inflation is not the biggest threat to the economy – because ‘the slowdown is here’

Richard Partington

03, Dec, 2022 @3:55 PM

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EU states agree $60 a barrel cap on Russian oil after Polish green light
Poland, which was pushing for low cap, says deal will keep it at least 5% below market rate

Alex Lawson Energy correspondent

02, Dec, 2022 @6:09 PM

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The reality of Brexit is biting hard. Poor people are suffering most – and now everyone can see it | Jonathan Freedland
We are paying £6bn more just to eat. After years of abstract debate, the human consequences of our exit become clearer by the day, says Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland

Jonathan Freedland

02, Dec, 2022 @5:50 PM

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Brexit added nearly £6bn to UK food bills in two years, research finds
Cost of food imported from EU rose because of extra red tape, with poorest most affected

Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent

01, Dec, 2022 @6:00 AM

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EU raises prospect of big fine or ban if Twitter fails to follow new legislation
Elon Musk has been warned he has ‘huge work ahead’ to comply with the EU’s Digital Services Act

Dan Milmo and Jennifer Rankin in Brussels

30, Nov, 2022 @8:35 PM

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Up to 3,000 ‘peak polluters’ given last chance to close by Dutch government
State attempts to push through plans to shut hundreds of farms to cut nitrogen oxide emissions

Senay Boztas

30, Nov, 2022 @5:00 PM

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