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‘We will coup whoever we want!’: the unbearable hubris of Musk and the billionaire tech bros
Challenging each other to cage fights, building apocalypse bunkers – the behaviour of today’s mega-moguls is becoming increasingly outlandish and imperial

Douglas Rushkoff

25, Nov, 2023 @9:00 AM

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When Musk met Sunak: the prime minister was more starry-eyed than a SpaceX telescope | Marina Hyde
As a man soon out of a job, perhaps Rishi Sunak sat dreaming of his own future in Silicon Valley, says Marina Hyde

Marina Hyde

03, Nov, 2023 @10:44 AM

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Humanity at risk from AI ‘race to the bottom’, says tech expert
MIT professor behind influential letter says unchecked development is allowing a few AI firms to jeopardise society’s future

Dan Milmo and Edward Helmore

26, Oct, 2023 @8:00 AM

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What makes Elon Musk tick? I spent months following the same people as him to find out who fuels his curious worldview
Tucker Carlson, Greta Thunberg, Covid sceptics, military historians, the royal family … What would my time immersed in the Twitter/X owner’s feed reveal about the richest man in the world?

David Runciman

23, Sep, 2023 @6:00 AM

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The Guardian view on the Murdoch handover: Lachlan inherits a dark legacy | Editorial
Editorial: Through his businesses, Rupert Murdoch pushed a world view with the pursuit of money at its heart


22, Sep, 2023 @5:40 PM

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Meta encryption plan will let child abusers ‘hide in the dark’, says UK campaign
In in Home Office initiative, survivors urge Mark Zuckerberg to rethink changes to Messenger and Instagram

Dan Milmo Global technology editor

20, Sep, 2023 @4:00 AM

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Why all the Burning Man schadenfreude? Where do I start ... | Arwa Mahdawi
Everyone piled in on the private jet-flying tech bros getting bogged down in the rain and mud. Can anyone blame us, asks Arwa Mahdawi

Arwa Mahdawi

05, Sep, 2023 @11:56 AM

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Elon Musk won’t fight Mark Zuckerberg in a ‘cage match’ – because he knows he’d lose | Hamilton Nolan
America’s richest and most cowardly man, Musk, proposed an idiotic fight, then came up with every excuse not to really do it

Hamilton Nolan

16, Aug, 2023 @10:12 AM

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Threads app usage plummets despite initial promise as refuge from Twitter
Social media app, launched in the wake of Twitter chaos, recorded 576,000 active users in August, down 79% from 2.3 million in July

Abené Clayton

14, Aug, 2023 @7:31 PM

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Musk says proposed Zuckerberg cage fight to be held at ‘epic location’ in Italy
X owner in talks with government over historic site for event – though Colosseum and Rome ruled out

Dan Milmo, and Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo

12, Aug, 2023 @11:06 AM

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Mark Zuckerberg not ‘holding breath’ for cage fight with Elon Musk
In social media quibble, Musk causes confusion by saying he will livestream fight – and one day later saying he has back problems

Dan Milmo Global technology editor

07, Aug, 2023 @7:53 AM

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Changing Meta’s algorithms did not help US political polarization, study finds
Study of Facebook and Instagram data from 2020 election shows chronological lists had no measurable impact on polarization

Guardian staff and agencies

27, Jul, 2023 @9:00 PM

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