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Gay couple sues New York leaders over denial of IVF benefits in landmark case
Corey Briskin and Nicholas Maggipinto say state’s definition of infertility discriminates against same-sex couples in landmark case

Jenny Kleeman

09, May, 2024 @2:52 PM

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IVF patients ‘devastated’ after US clinic destroyed but still implanted embryos, suit says
California fertility clinic Ovation accused of mistakenly creating ‘toxic incubator’ that killed embryos that were then implanted

Abené Clayton in Los Angeles

24, Apr, 2024 @11:37 AM

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Israel destroyed 4,000 embryos by bombing an IVF centre in Gaza | Arwa Mahdawi
The anti-abortion crowd who believe embryos are ‘extrauterine children’ have been weirdly silent about the strike

Arwa Mahdawi

20, Apr, 2024 @1:00 PM

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Alabama Democrat Marilyn Lands says voters ready for ‘change’ after surprise win – as it happened
Lands elected to state house in special election after campaigning for abortion rights and IVF in deep-red state

Chris Stein

27, Mar, 2024 @8:04 PM

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Democrat wins election in conservative Alabama after focus on abortion and IVF
Marilyn Lands elected to state legislature in deep red state by significant margin after centering reproductive rights in campaign

Oliver Milman

27, Mar, 2024 @6:46 PM

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States push ‘fetal personhood’ bills despite outrage at Alabama IVF ruling
Lawmakers in more than a dozen states have considered efforts to give legal rights and protections to embryos and fetuses

Carter Sherman

20, Mar, 2024 @10:00 AM

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Why the rift between anti-abortion activists and Republican lawmakers is growing
Alabama supreme court’s decision causing a temporary halt in IVF care shines spotlight on problem between two groups

Ava Sasani

17, Mar, 2024 @11:00 AM

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I feel for women misled over egg-freezing. If I’d believed doctors during my transition, my kids wouldn’t be here | Freddy McConnell
We all deserve better from healthcare providers who sell false promise to some, while shutting down options for others, says Freddy McConnell, a freelance journalist

Freddy McConnell

16, Mar, 2024 @7:00 AM

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Scientists move step closer to making IVF eggs from skin cells
Procedure could overcome common forms of infertility and help people have children who share their DNA

Ian Sample Science editor

08, Mar, 2024 @7:00 PM

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State of the Union address as it happened: Biden spars with Republicans and announces aid pier for Gaza
US president makes last State of the Union address of this presidential term, with much at stake as he heads into re-election fight against Trump

Chris Stein

08, Mar, 2024 @4:58 AM

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State of the Union guest list shows reproductive rights in spotlight after Alabama IVF bill signed into law – as it happened
Guests at Biden address to include Alabama woman whose IVF was cancelled, and Texas women who went through abortion ordeals

Léonie Chao-Fong (now); Maya Yang (earlier)

07, Mar, 2024 @9:22 PM

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Alabama law protecting IVF met with both relief and concern: ‘There is more work to be done’
Republicans proposed bill so providers could resume services, but doctors and advocates say it reinforces ruling recognizing embryos as children

Victoria Bekiempis in New York and agencies

07, Mar, 2024 @6:22 PM

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