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Monday briefing: Abortion is safe, supported, and available in the UK. Why is the law so complicated?
In today’s newsletter: After Roe v Wade fell in America, this is the state of reproductive rights in the UK

Archie Bland

04, Jul, 2022 @5:12 AM

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Anna bought abortion pills via social media. Now, like thousands of other Filipinas, she is dead
The case of one 20-year-old from Manila reveals the dangerous role of online sellers of illicit methods in a country where terminations are outlawed

Rebecca Ratcliffe and Guill Ramos

04, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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10-year-old rape victim forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana for abortion
Case places prominent anti-abortion figures in position of balancing rights of women and girls while defending restrictions

Edward Helmore

03, Jul, 2022 @5:55 PM

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Canada should focus on abortion access not legislation, advocates say
Canada has no legal restrictions on abortion but the US reversal of Roe v Wade has led to calls for pre-emptive action

Tracey Lindeman in Ottawa

03, Jul, 2022 @10:30 AM

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Women’s rights have suffered a grim setback. But history is still on our side | Rebecca Solnit
You can take away a right through legal means, but it is harder to take away the belief in that right. The uproar over the court’s hideous abortion decision is a reminder of how unpopular it is

Rebecca Solnit

03, Jul, 2022 @10:26 AM

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‘People want me dead’: abortion providers fear violence after Roe overturned
Danger is a daily reality for the health workers, and moments of upheaval raise the risk, expert says

Chris Stein in Washington DC

03, Jul, 2022 @9:00 AM

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Danny Kruger has been hiding his real talent – he knows what women want | Catherine Bennett
The Tory MP joins other men who would like to decide when a woman can have an abortion

Catherine Bennett

03, Jul, 2022 @6:30 AM

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Biden urged to do more to defend abortion rights: ‘This is a five-alarm fire’
Furious Americans have taken to the streets, but many Democrats believe Biden has failed to capture the urgency and anger

Lauren Gambino in Washington

02, Jul, 2022 @1:25 PM

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Women accused of illegal abortions in England and Wales after miscarriages and stillbirths
Dozens of investigations have been launched by police in England and Wales in the past 10 years into suspected breaches of an 1861 law

Shanti Das

02, Jul, 2022 @1:15 PM

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I reject the US abortion ruling. I vow to defend the sovereignty of women’s bodies | V (formerly Eve Ensler)
At first I wanted to weep and howl. But then I wrote – and then I revolted, says playwright and activist V (formerly Eve Ensler)

V (formerly Eve Ensler)

02, Jul, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Biden calls court’s Roe ruling ‘tragic reversal’ during meeting with Democratic governors – as it happened
President: ‘I share the public outrage of this extremist court that is committed to moving America backwards’

Lauren Gambino in Washington

01, Jul, 2022 @8:18 PM

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Utah Republican apologises for saying women can control ‘intake of semen’
Karianne Lisonbee, a state representative, made remark as conservatives celebrated US supreme court abortion ruling

Victoria Bekiempis in New York

01, Jul, 2022 @1:16 PM

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