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Julie Bindel to sue Nottingham council after talk cancelled
Council says it called of Bindel’s talk at library because of her views on transgender rights

Mark Brown

27, Jun, 2022 @4:17 PM

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Merry widows? How attitudes to bereaved women have changed
Societies around the world have always had a problem with a wife who belongs to no one. But what does the term even mean in the modern era?

Louisa Young

25, Jun, 2022 @2:00 PM

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It’s time to say it: the US supreme court has become an illegitimate institution | Jill Filipovic
With its decision on Roe v Wade, the court has signaled its illegitimacy – and thrown the American project into question

Jill Filipovic

25, Jun, 2022 @6:40 AM

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A Woman’s Game by Suzanne Wrack review – taking back the pitch
A fascinating history of women’s football from early 20th century heights, through suppression, to its present-day resurgence

Paula Cocozza

22, Jun, 2022 @6:30 AM

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‘Women are treated like walking incubators’: Malta’s fight for abortion
The island nation is the only country in the EU in which termination is still illegal under any circumstances. But women’s rights groups are pushing for change

Rachel Cooke

19, Jun, 2022 @6:00 AM

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The ‘feral girl’ of 2022 doesn’t come close to the real thing | Emma Beddington
I thought this was a trend I could get behind - until I realised it was all about hard-partying and wearing yesterday make-up, rather than wearing a discounted fleece and refusing to wash, says Emma Beddington

Emma Beddington

16, Jun, 2022 @6:00 AM

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‘I was a misogynist’: Caroline Criado Perez on finding solutions to living in a man’s world
The author, who wrote about a world biased against women, is back with answers in a new podcast. She talks about not fitting in, compassion for her younger self and finding her feminism

Emine Saner

10, Jun, 2022 @2:00 PM

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The end of men: the controversial new wave of female utopian fiction
There have been many novels that imagine a world without men – but are these books reductive or freeing?

Sandra Newman

25, May, 2022 @7:00 AM

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Macron accused of betraying pledge to stamp out violence against women
Campaigners protest against ‘government of shame’ after minister accused of rape by two women is kept in place

Angelique Chrisafis in Paris

24, May, 2022 @5:09 PM

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In capturing the changing face of Britain, playwrights explain us to ourselves | Michael Billington
Beth Steel’s The House of Shades unites national politics and private lives through the fortunes of a working-class family from 1965 to 2019

Michael Billington

23, May, 2022 @4:17 PM

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#MeToo is over if we don’t listen to ‘imperfect victims’ like Amber Heard | Martha Gill
When even young women join the actor’s male tormentors, ideas of justice soon begin to unravel

Martha Gill

22, May, 2022 @6:30 AM

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Lady Afshar obituary
Politics scholar who put women’s education and voices at the centre of her work

Janet Veitch

19, May, 2022 @4:08 PM

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