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‘I’d lost 8kg in sweat’: new report highlights the dangers of working in high heat
The use of extra PPE since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated heat-related issues, significantly affecting those in menial roles

Stephanie Convery

22, Sep, 2021 @5:31 PM

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Surge in UK job vacancies driven by low-paying work, says IFS
Report says employment opportunities more than 10% below pre-pandemic levels for quarter of workforce

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

20, Sep, 2021 @11:01 PM

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UK staff to gain right to request flexible working from day one
Plan to make employers respond more quickly to requests and explain reasons for refusals under proposals

Peter Walker Political correspondent

20, Sep, 2021 @4:55 PM

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UK workers on the end of furlough: ‘Will it be Amazon, care homes or driving a van?’
The support scheme has proved positive for some, but others will have no jobs to return to. We hear their stories

Harriet Sherwood

19, Sep, 2021 @9:30 AM

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‘It’s a seller’s market for workers’: how Covid and Brexit have shaken up UK jobs
As firms sound alarm over staff shortages, the role of unions is shifting from saving jobs to boosting pay and conditions

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

16, Sep, 2021 @4:53 PM

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Employers are spying on us at home with ‘tattleware’. It’s time to track them instead | Jessa Crispin
Delivery drivers and warehouse workers are already monitored relentlessly. Now white-collar employees are getting a taste of surveillance capitalism

Jessa Crispin

16, Sep, 2021 @10:15 AM

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MP proposes law to stop employers hiding behind gagging orders
NDAs are being used to silence wrongdoing at work, says chair of women and equalities committee

Rob Davies

15, Sep, 2021 @5:31 PM

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Lockdown has made UK families reconsider the cost of childcare – and they’re furious | Gaby Hinsliff
Somehow we have ended up with a system that’s too expensive for parents, but not lucrative enough to pay staff properly, says the Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff

Gaby Hinsliff

13, Sep, 2021 @2:20 PM

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How do UK childcare costs stack up against the best?
Only Slovakia and Switzerland are more expensive, and Nordic countries lead the way, says OECD

Alexandra Topping

12, Sep, 2021 @5:00 PM

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Workers shouldn’t wait for Labour victory, says Unite’s Sharon Graham
New leader says Unite needs to ‘get back to what it says on the union tin – fight for jobs, pay and conditions’

Aubrey Allegretti Political correspondent

12, Sep, 2021 @1:00 PM

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UK firms use free beer and popcorn to tempt staff back to offices
Many businesses are realising that, after 18 months at home, employees need special welcomes

Joanna Partridge

12, Sep, 2021 @8:15 AM

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Higher wages are welcome, but workers should not think fortunes have changed
Pay in Britain has been low for a long time, and for many reasons. There is no evidence that Brexit will change that

12, Sep, 2021 @5:37 AM

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