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‘A great day for the country’: Uganda declares an end to Ebola outbreak
Control measures including lockdowns have halted the spread of the virus after less than four months

Caroline Kimeu in Nairobi

11, Jan, 2023 @1:29 PM

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Misinformation hampers Uganda’s battle against new outbreak of Ebola
Despite 53 deaths, people are still in denial of the danger as doctors race to develop an effective vaccine against Sudan strain of disease

Caroline Ariba in Mubende and Kassanda

09, Nov, 2022 @7:00 AM

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Uganda is battling Ebola again – and the world doesn’t have a vaccine | Devi Sridhar
Covid has led to pandemic fatigue, but for both humanitarian and self-interested reasons, global governments must help, says global public health expert Devi Sridhar

Devi Sridhar

10, Oct, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Health workers among dead in Ugandan Ebola outbreak
MSF calls situation ‘very serious’ as east African country grapples with outbreak of Sudan strain of virus, for which no vaccine exists

Harriet Nankya in Kampala and Kaamil Ahmed

07, Oct, 2022 @5:00 AM

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‘Africa must be self-sufficient’: John Nkengasong on learning the deadly lessons of pandemics
The outgoing director of Africa Centres for Disease Control has seen Ebola, Aids and now Covid – and warns complacency is dangerous

Emmanuel Akinwotu

28, Mar, 2022 @11:03 AM

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UK Lassa fever death highlights global threat of infectious diseases, experts say
Cases of illness normally seen in west Africa are ‘stark reminder’ of need to invest in outbreak preparedness

Andrew Gregory Health editor

18, Feb, 2022 @12:44 PM

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Death of young woman after FGM revives calls for ban in Sierra Leone
Maseray Sei, 21, was found dead after undergoing the procedure in a centuries-old ritual carried out by a secret society for women

Emmanuel Akinwotu

31, Dec, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Human trials of vaccine for multiple species of Ebola to begin soon
It is hoped vaccine based on similar technology to Oxford Covid jab can protect against both Zaire and Sudan species of virus

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

11, Nov, 2021 @12:01 AM

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The young taxi bikers killed in Freetown’s fuel blast died trying to scrape a living | Jonah Lipton and James B Palmer
Riders trying to get fuel from a leaking tanker were among 100 killed when it exploded. It’s part of a bigger story of the struggle for survival in Sierra Leone, a country exploited by rich nations

Jonah Lipton and James B Palmer

10, Nov, 2021 @6:01 AM

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‘They thought Covid only kills white people’: myths and fear hinder jabs in DRC
Mutant strain may emerge amid vaccine hesitancy, experts say, as even medics reject jabs in DR Congo

Lisa Murray in Kinshasa

05, Aug, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Hope, horror and Covid-19: my 23 years as the Guardian’s health correspondent | Sarah Boseley
I’ve travelled the world covering everything from HIV to MMR to Ebola… and then Covid came along. These are stories that changed me – and the world

Sarah Boseley

17, Jul, 2021 @11:00 AM

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‘We clap if none die’: Covid forces hard choices in Sierra Leone
With medical resources diverted to the pandemic, years of progress in children’s healthcare are under threat

Malte Werner and Amjata Bayoh in Freetown

18, Mar, 2021 @7:15 AM

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