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Rightwing Chilean newspaper accused of ‘apology for Nazism’ over Göring article
Germany embassy condemns El Mercurio for Sunday piece and says ‘no room to justify or minimise his horrific role’

John Bartlett in Santiago

25, Oct, 2021 @4:53 PM

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Canada container ship fire: ‘bomb cyclone’ storm may hinder effort to assess damage
Blaze on freighter ship has been largely contained, but officials won’t be able to determine damage amid wind and rain

Leyland Cecco in Toronto

25, Oct, 2021 @3:56 PM

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Boy who survived cable car crash must be returned to Italy, Israeli judge rules
Eitan Biran has been at centre of custody battle since allegedly being abducted by maternal grandfather and taken to Tel Aviv

Angela Giuffrida in Rome

25, Oct, 2021 @3:08 PM

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Seeds of Sudan coup sown after fall of Omar al-Bashir
Analysis: democratic transition that followed 30 years of military rule only papered over faultlines

Peter Beaumont

25, Oct, 2021 @2:42 PM

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Far-right groups in UK target hotels housing Afghan refugees
Britain First makes anti-migrant videos at hotels amid warning issue being used to whip up hate

Diane Taylor

25, Oct, 2021 @2:00 PM

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‘The most difficult journey of my life’: an Afghan family’s escape to the UK
One of just six female judges who have so far managed to reach Britain speaks of fleeing Kabul and finding refuge in Manchester

Helen Pidd North of England editor

25, Oct, 2021 @2:00 PM

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Experts frustrated as German footballer says he has not had Covid jab
Immunologists say Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich is mistaken and vaccine misunderstandings persist

Philip Oltermann in Berlin

25, Oct, 2021 @2:00 PM

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Roman villa with world’s only Caravaggio mural up for sale
Villa Aurora to go up for auction in January with opening bid of almost €500m

Angela Giuffrida in Rome

25, Oct, 2021 @1:15 PM

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Six jailed in Spain for selling fakes of Goya and other artists online
Valencia police seized 27 paintings by various artists being sold for €1.2m, 18 of which were crude forgeries

Sam Jones in Madrid

25, Oct, 2021 @11:56 AM

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‘This is their time’: post-Golden Dawn, is far-right reviving in Greece?
Extremist party’s demise has left a gap that it is being filled by far-right groups in north of the country

Helena Smith in Athens

25, Oct, 2021 @10:39 AM

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French election polls: who is leading the race to be the next president of France?
Emmanuel Macron and the far-right hopeful Marine Le Pen look set to be joined by numerous other candidates in the French presidential election. We look at the latest polling, and introduce some of the most likely candidates

Seán Clarke and Angelique Chrisafis

25, Oct, 2021 @9:31 AM

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Saudi crown prince a ‘psychopath’, says exiled intelligence officer
Saad Aljabri says Mohammed bin Salman boasted he could kill former ruler King Abdullah

Stephanie Kirchgaessnerin Washington

25, Oct, 2021 @8:38 AM

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