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Elon Musk hurls defiant, profanity-laced retort at fleeing advertisers
At New York event Wednesday, X owner had choice words for Walt Disney and others who pulled ads over antisemitic content

Kari Paul

30, Nov, 2023 @1:13 AM

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Elon Musk visits scene of kibbutz massacre with Benjamin Netanyahu
Pair speak about Gaza conflict but not online antisemitism nor controversial post made by X owner this month

Dan Milmo and agencies

27, Nov, 2023 @6:47 PM

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‘Serious breach’: social media platform X booted from Australia’s misinformation code
Company failed to respond to a complaint about the removal of a function to report misinformation during the voice referendum

Josh Taylor

27, Nov, 2023 @7:01 AM

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A place of peace for my soldier husband | Brief letters
Brief letters: Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast | Sexist conductor | X factor | Apostrophe appeal | Musical chairs

22, Nov, 2023 @5:48 PM

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Rightwing personalities use X to bring antisemitic theories to light in US
Experts say figures like Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson bringing ‘great replacement’ theory mainstream signals growing extremism

Jason Wilson

21, Nov, 2023 @1:00 PM

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Neil Young boycotts X over antisemitic Elon Musk tweet
Singer-songwriter joins chorus of disapproval over Musk’s agreement with tweet that accused Jewish communities of ‘dialectical hatred against whites’

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

21, Nov, 2023 @9:49 AM

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Rows and rockets blow up as Elon Musk’s firms endure turbulent weekend
Another space launch failed, but it’s the loss of major advertisers on X that has enraged the tycoon

Vanessa Thorpe

19, Nov, 2023 @8:00 AM

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Elon Musk to file ‘thermonuclear lawsuit’ as advertisers desert X
Social media firm boss says he will sue media watchdog that said ads were being placed alongside antisemitic content

Harry Taylor

18, Nov, 2023 @10:29 AM

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Apple, Disney and IBM to pause ads on X after antisemitic Elon Musk tweet
Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, attempted to do damage control as Paramount and Warner Bros among others also pulled ads

Blake Montgomery

18, Nov, 2023 @1:47 AM

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White House condemns Elon Musk’s ‘abhorrent’ antisemitic tweets
The X owner tweeted that a post about Jewish people hating white people was ‘the actual truth’, prompting backlash

Blake Montgomery and agencies

17, Nov, 2023 @5:09 PM

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By affirming an antisemitic trope, Elon Musk sinks to a dangerous new low | Margaret Sullivan
The owner of X has the power to elevate the hateful speech of others and bring about enormous harm

Margaret Sullivan

17, Nov, 2023 @11:02 AM

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Anti-hate group says lawsuit from Elon Musk’s X ‘riddled with deficiencies’
Center for Countering Digital Hate says claim by X, formerly Twitter, is ‘riddled with legal deficiencies’

Dan Milmo Global technology editor

17, Nov, 2023 @10:49 AM

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