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Coronavirus live news: Johnson & Johnson jab 'to get EU approval'; Berlin pupils allowed to repeat school year
EMA expected to approve vaccine on 11 March; all pupils in German capital to have chance to repeat a year; global deaths pass 2.5m

Yohannes Lowe (now); Ben Quinn and Alison Rourke (earlier)

26, Feb, 2021 @1:55 PM

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Gods, fireworks and plague: Taiwan folk festival takes aim at Covid
Yanshui beehive fireworks festival was almost cancelled but has gone ahead in hope of warding off virus

Helen Davidson Taipei

26, Feb, 2021 @1:08 PM

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Single Pfizer jab can reduce asymptomatic Covid infections by 75%
Cambridge doctors record sharp fall in infections after 12 days in Covid test analysis on healthcare workers

Ian Sample Science editor

26, Feb, 2021 @11:29 AM

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Will I have to wear a mask after getting the Covid vaccine?
Even if you’re protected doesn’t mean you can’t spread it. Here’s why

Jessica Glenza and Alvin Chang

26, Feb, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Words matter: how New Zealand's clear messaging helped beat Covid
One year on from the nation’s first case of coronavirus, Aotearoa has largely eliminated the virus - communications played a key part in its success

Elle Hunt in Wellington

26, Feb, 2021 @1:15 AM

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Vanuatu coronavirus vaccine rollout to take until end of 2023
The majority of the Pacific nation’s population won’t be immunised for another two years, government planning documents show

Dan McGarry in Port Vila

25, Feb, 2021 @11:38 PM

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Vaccine passports: a threat to liberty or necessary safeguard? | Letters
Letters: Such a measure would be a backdoor attempt to bring in a form of identity cards, writes David Winnick, but Mike Jones says that individual freedoms have to be tempered by social responsibilities. Plus letters from Dr Linda Murgatroyd and Ken Strong


25, Feb, 2021 @5:39 PM

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Number of UK workers on Covid furlough scheme rose to 4.7m in January
Additional 700,000 people were away from work, with women, young adults and hospitality staff worst hit

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

25, Feb, 2021 @1:51 PM

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Covid world map: which countries have the most coronavirus vaccinations, cases and deaths?
Covid-19 has spread around the planet, sending billions of people into lockdown as health services struggle to cope. Find out where the virus has spread, and where it has been most deadly

Pablo Gutiérrez, Seán Clarke and Ashley Kirk

25, Feb, 2021 @11:33 AM

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Covid: UK Coronavirus cases, deaths and vaccinations today
Are coronavirus cases rising in your local area and nationally? Check week-on-week changes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the latest figures from public health authorities

Anna Leach, Seán Clarke and Ashley Kirk

25, Feb, 2021 @11:25 AM

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The Guardian view on vaccine passports: a tool to handle with care | Editorial
Editorial: Practical and ethical concerns are valid, but a well-designed policy with the right legal safeguards could make a valuable difference


24, Feb, 2021 @6:44 PM

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The advantages of 18th-century dating | Letter
Letters: The ability to walk and talk and to get to know someone without the pressure of their eyes being on you is leisurely and liberating, writes Judith Martin


24, Feb, 2021 @6:30 PM

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