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How smart thermostats can save you fuel and money
As well as turning off your hot water or boiler as you leave home, some can offer to heat only rooms that need it

Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor

30, Mar, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Google suffers global outage with Gmail, YouTube and majority of services affected
Error was due to lack of storage space in authentication tools causing system to crash

Alex Hern

14, Dec, 2020 @6:17 PM

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What’s the best tablet for video calling grandma?
Chris needs a tablet or video-calling device for his grandma’s Covid-19 isolation. What are the options?

Jack Schofield

26, Mar, 2020 @8:00 AM

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Google Nest Mini review: better bass and recycled plastic
Upgrade keeps what is good and improves sound for Google’s smallest, cheapest smart speaker

Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor

16, Jan, 2020 @7:00 AM

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Hey Google, lend me a tenner? NatWest trials voice banking
High street bank says Google Home trial could let you do the banking as you make a cuppa or iron a shirt

Patrick Collinson

12, Aug, 2019 @5:01 AM

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Hey Siri! Stop recording and sharing my private conversations | Roisin Kiberd
Voice assistants have a dark side, and we may be paying for their limited benefits with our privacy, says the technology writer Roisin Kiberd

Roisin Kiberd

30, Jul, 2019 @12:38 PM

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Using data to tune a generated content experience
Iterating based on qualitative and quantitative evidence is core to the Voice Lab’s methodology

Jeremy Pennycook

25, Mar, 2019 @12:37 PM

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Conversation data offers trove of insights despite challenges
Analysis of the Voice Lab’s first project was fruitful but there is more to learn about how people discover the app

Jeremy Pennycook

21, Jan, 2019 @6:12 PM

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11 and a half years a slave to Guardian list of ‘1000 films to see before you die’ | Brief letters
Brief letters: Private healthcare | End credits | Google Home | Buddleia | BBC pay


07, Jan, 2019 @6:17 PM

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Year in review: podcast discovery gamification
Voice Lab launches its first experiment aimed at helping users learn new habits around audio

Jeremy Pennycook

21, Dec, 2018 @5:00 PM

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Tech gift guide: 10 ideas for last-minute presents
From Apple AirPods to Amazon tablets, here are suggestions for all budgets

Samuel Gibbs

21, Dec, 2018 @7:00 AM

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Google settled racism case from contractor 'treated like a terrorist'
New contract offer withdrawn after ‘Rashid’ complained that undercover project left him vulnerable to profiling

Matthew Weaver

25, Nov, 2018 @6:17 PM

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