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Humanitarian crisis as 5m displaced by civil war in Sudan
IOM says half of country’s population now in need of aid and protection after months of violence

Peter Beaumont

06, Sep, 2023 @11:18 AM

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Women in Sudan facing a ‘tragedy’ of sexual violence as rape cases rise
Reported cases are almost all by RSF paramilitaries and are just the tip of the iceberg, say campaign groups

Fred Harter

29, Aug, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Before Prigozhin’s death, Wagner was fighting on Russia’s behalf in Africa. What happens now? | Dino Mahtani
From securing resources to destabilising western influence, the mercenary group’s activities hang in the balance, says writer Dino Mahtani

Dino Mahtani

26, Aug, 2023 @9:00 AM

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Could reported death of Wagner chief push African leaders closer to Kremlin?
Smooth transition of mercenary group’s network and holdings in Africa may not be straightforward for Moscow

Jason Burke Africa correspondent

24, Aug, 2023 @2:30 PM

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Civilians targeted in war-torn Khartoum as poor and elderly remain trapped
Latest atrocities in Sudan war include the shelling of house of traditional healer, who died with her children and neighbours

Zeinab Mohammed Salih in Khartoum

24, Aug, 2023 @12:21 PM

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The Guardian view on Darfur: not facing catastrophe, but in its midst | Editorial
Editorial: The war between Sudan’s two generals has sparked the resurgence of brutal ethnic violence


22, Aug, 2023 @5:18 PM

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War crimes being committed in Darfur, says UK minister Andrew Mitchell
Africa minister says civilian death toll horrific and UK is to send evidence to UN

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic Editor

22, Aug, 2023 @4:25 PM

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Thousands flee homes after rebel attack in southern Sudan city
Families said to have run away with nothing as three forces fight in South Kordofan state

Zeinab Mohammed Salih in Khartoum

20, Aug, 2023 @10:33 AM

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‘Dire crisis for children’ in Sudan, aid groups warn as millions more go hungry
Up to 17,000 more children a day lack food, Save the Children say, as global indifference to humanitarian crisis condemned as ‘racist’

Kaamil Ahmed

16, Aug, 2023 @10:45 AM

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A tea shop in Khartoum before the bombs: Ala Kheir’s best photograph
‘This meeting place, under a bridge over the Nile, was a great place to watch the world go by. But many people have now fled the city – and places like this sit empty’

Interview by Edward Siddons

02, Aug, 2023 @2:40 PM

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At least 18 die in attack in Sudanese city of Omdurman
Dozens also injured as army shells three neighbourhoods in city close to capital, Khartoum

Zeinab Mohammed Salih in Khartoum and agencies

25, Jul, 2023 @3:36 PM

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The RSF are out to finish the genocide in Darfur they began as the Janjaweed. We cannot stand by | Kate Ferguson
Peace between Hemedti’s RSF and Sudan’s army will not end war crimes. As UN security council president, Britain must act

Kate Ferguson

24, Jul, 2023 @2:42 PM

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