Monty Python

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The prime minister merely echoes the empty threats of King Lear | Brief letters
Brief letters: ‘Terrors of the earth’ | Oxford Union debating skills | Half Man Half Biscuit | Expecting the Spanish Inquisition


27, Apr, 2022 @4:50 PM

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Tantrum of the opera: how Michael Palin’s angry dad inspired new show
The Monty Python star has reinvented his play The Weekend as musical theatre

Vanessa Thorpe

19, Sep, 2021 @8:45 AM

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Morecambe and Wise found Monty Python ‘boring’ and ‘irritating’
Comedy duo’s damning verdict revealed in newly discovered footage from Norfolk student TV station

Mark Brown Arts correspondent

27, Aug, 2021 @12:48 PM

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Michael Smiley’s teenage obsessions: ‘I heard the Beat and came back to Belfast a rude boy’
The comedian and actor on dancing with his mother to Ray Charles, the power of Seamus Heaney’s poetry and how Richard Pryor showed him his future

As told to Tom Seymour

19, Aug, 2021 @1:09 PM

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Suzanne Vega's teenage obsessions: 'Taxi Driver captured something awful but made it beautiful'
In the first of a weekly series where film and music stars discuss their youthful fixations, the US singer recalls silly walks and Saturday Night Fever dance classes

Interview by Dave Simpson

03, Sep, 2020 @3:30 PM

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John Cleese: Why There Is No Hope review – we're all idiots, says Mr Gloomy
In a global livestream, the former Python delivers alimony gags, a bit of PC-baiting – and an amusingly grumpy lecture on how nobody knows anything

Brian Logan

03, Aug, 2020 @11:11 AM

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My favourite film aged 12: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Python’s chivalric sketch show served up epic amounts of daftness – and any adult reservations about it prove mere flesh wounds

Alfie Packham

23, Jun, 2020 @1:23 PM

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Terry Jones remembered at the Oscars ceremony
The Academy paid tribute to the actor, director and former Monty Python member in its In Memoriam montage

Guardian Film

10, Feb, 2020 @3:57 AM

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Kirk Douglas – not the last of the greats | Brief letters
Brief letters: Mushrooms | Kirk Douglas | Marmalade | Terry Jones | Donald Trump


09, Feb, 2020 @6:51 PM

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Terry Jones – a man who grasped the meaning of life
He was not the most high-profile of the Pythons, but he was the funniest, the most modest and the most essential

Euan Ferguson

26, Jan, 2020 @8:26 AM

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Heartfelt plea for a damson in distress | Brief letters
Brief letters: EU citizens | English mistakes | Terry Jones | Damson jam | Tory manifesto | Labour leadership candidates


23, Jan, 2020 @6:16 PM

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Steve Coogan on Terry Jones: he was the heart and voice of Monty Python
When Coogan played Mole in Jones’s film of The Wind in the Willows, it sparked a friendship with a comic he had idolised since childhood – and who was equally brilliant in real life

Steve Coogan as told to Alex Needham

23, Jan, 2020 @3:03 PM

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