Barry Humphries

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Ascot scene in Pygmalion? Not bloody likely! | Brief letters
Letters: My Fair Lady | Village incomers | Jeffrey Steele | Greenham Common | Ian Botham


25, Aug, 2021 @4:51 PM

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Rob Brydon Probes Barry Humphries review – in defence of offence
This chatshow canter through the career and comedy loves of Humphries proved he is an unrepentant stirrer

Mark Lawson

29, Apr, 2019 @12:48 PM

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Barry Humphries: Melbourne comedy festival renames award following transgender comments
The name change came hours before the festival nominated trans comedian Cassie Workman for its major prize

Steph Harmon

16, Apr, 2019 @6:42 AM

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Thank you for the Mackem memories | Brief letters
Brief letters: Sunderland fans | Sharing ice-cream with dogs | The ‘threat’ of rain | Grey ‘Gordon Bennett’ | Gladioli in the dress circle


13, Jul, 2018 @3:31 PM

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Barry Humphries: ‘I defend to the ultimate my right to give deep and profound offence’
The creator of Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson is back on stage with a show highlighting the dangers of censorship. He talks about living in a prudish age, sexual harassment and why he regrets voting for Brexit

Simon Hattenstone

11, Jul, 2018 @1:51 PM

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Spice World: the feminist movie? When girl power hit the big screen
It ditched male charmers and knocked the Bechdel test out of the park. Two decades on, the Spice Girls’ film looks like a brilliant gateway to the F-word

Lizzy Dening

28, Sep, 2017 @5:00 AM

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Desert Island Discs: 75 defining moments from 75 years of castaways
The show’s first guest was marooned three quarters of a century ago this month. Here are the moments that made Desert Island Discs a radio classic

Stephen Moss

06, Jan, 2017 @3:56 PM

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Clive James: 'I won't get to Barry Humphries' new show, but I can tell he’s in total command'
He is far and away the most learned man I ever met, but can make immediate contact with anyone except the dull

Clive James

06, Aug, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Barry Humphries' Weimar Cabaret review – sardonic, sexual, wonderfully done
In the company of Meow Meow and a raffish Australian Chamber Orchestra, Humphries reveals a lifelong love for music the Nazis banned as ‘degenerate’

Tim Ashley

31, Jul, 2016 @11:11 AM

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Five of the best... classical concerts
Béatrice Et Bénédict | War Passion | Of Land, Sea And Sky | Kommilitonen! | Barry Humphries’ Weimar Cabaret

Andrew Clements

22, Jul, 2016 @12:00 PM

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Louise Hearman wins Archibald prize for Barry Humphries portrait
Hearman says the Dame Edna creator was ‘a very difficult person to paint ... he’s all things at once’

Steph Harmon

15, Jul, 2016 @4:30 AM

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Barry Humphries: tactless bigot or another satirical creation?
Dame Edna Everage’s hilariously offensive alter ego is back with an overcooked caricature of rightwing outrage. Just so long as he’s joking ...

05, Jan, 2016 @2:48 PM

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