Thomas Hardy

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Poem of the week: Self-Unconscious by Thomas Hardy
A curiously jaunty account of the bright life of nature a man misses while wrapped up in his plans

Carol Rumens

02, Jan, 2023 @10:59 AM

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The Guardian view on the death of the Hardy Tree: a legend uprooted | Editorial
Editorial: An ash surrounded by gravestones in an ancient churchyard reveals humanity’s urge to tell its own stories through trees


29, Dec, 2022 @6:25 PM

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Reluctance to clean is not limited to men | Brief letters
Brief letters: Housework and gender | Navigational errors | Extraterrestrial researchers | Long reads book | Hardly hardy | Cartoon praise

28, Dec, 2022 @5:33 PM

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Gravestone-encircled ‘Hardy Tree’ falls in London
The tree became a powerful symbol of life among death after the novelist and poet stacked gravestones around its base in the 1860s

John Sutherland and Kevin Rawlinson

27, Dec, 2022 @6:03 PM

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Country diary: We rise and fall with the treecreepers outside
Yr Elenydd, Ceredigion: In a tiny chapel I sit among the devout, one eye on the window

Jim Perrin

14, Jun, 2022 @4:30 AM

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The Chosen by Elizabeth Lowry review – Thomas Hardy in mourning
A remarkable portrait of the remorse that followed a difficult marriage, and gave birth to great poetry

Alexandra Harris

12, May, 2022 @6:30 AM

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Top 10 difficult marriages in fiction
Whether they induce schadenfreude or pangs of recognition, mismatched couples have inspired brilliant novels by authors from Evelyn Waugh to Jean Rhys

Elizabeth Lowry

06, Apr, 2022 @11:00 AM

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And did those feet: 10 walks inspired by famous poets
Matching rich verse with great scenery, these strolls follow in the footsteps of some of our greatest wordsmiths, from William Blake to Carol Ann Duffy

Kevin Rushby

03, Mar, 2022 @7:00 AM

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Top 10 Christmas poems | Allie Esiri
Poets from Thomas Hardy to TS Eliot and Wendy Cope articulate the wonder – and dread – of the festive season

Allie Esiri

22, Dec, 2021 @11:00 AM

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The importance of using the right language | Letters
Letters: Kevin Harper on the need to use plain English, and Peter Branston on new language and Thomas Hardy


06, Oct, 2021 @4:59 PM

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‘You think wrong!’: top 10 rants in literature
Some distrust kvetching in print, but writers from Shakespeare to Valerie Solanas show there’s nothing wrong with constructive – and even destructive – criticism

Lucy Ellmann

25, Aug, 2021 @11:00 AM

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A bridge too far for the renaming game? | Brief letters
Brief letters: Teachers and coronavirus | Honours and Spike Milligan | Art quiz | World leaders | Severn Bridge


01, Jan, 2021 @5:26 PM

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