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Good old days: why body confidence improves after 60
A New Zealand study claims men and women become more satisfied with their bodies over time – bucking the expectations of our youth-obsessed culture

04, Aug, 2021 @5:12 PM

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Not all narcissists are grandiose – the ‘vulnerable’ type can be just as dangerous
The introverted narcissist is harder to spot and may be more sinister

Joanna Briscoe

01, Aug, 2021 @11:00 AM

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Ink positive: how tattoos can heal the mind as well as adorn the body
Forget the stereotypes – getting inked can be a powerful means of reclaiming your body and processing grief or trauma

David Robson

31, Jul, 2021 @4:00 PM

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Weep, O mine eyes at a lack of manly tears | Brief letters
Brief letters: Men in tears | Resilience | Supper | Olympic winners | Spelling names


29, Jul, 2021 @5:08 PM

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Stop calling people ‘toxic’. Here’s why | Hannah Baer
Believing others have fixed traits which don’t change yields defensiveness, failure to listen, and failure to set boundaries

Hannah Baer

26, Jul, 2021 @10:20 AM

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Dinah Murray obituary
Champion of autistic people who explored the attention that they devote to a leading interest

Penny Warren

25, Jul, 2021 @1:14 PM

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How Islam conquered my mother’s fear of cats
She’d always found them evil and scary, but when I wanted a cat in lockdown I appealed to my mum’s faith

Qais Hussain

25, Jul, 2021 @12:00 PM

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I struggled with office life. Now others are alive to benefits of remote working
People with invisible disabilities have long asked for flexible options such as working from home. Then came the pandemic

Angela Lashbrook

25, Jul, 2021 @7:00 AM

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‘Be interested, be curious, hear what’s not said’: how I learned to really listen to people | Annalisa Barbieri
Being a good listener isn’t just about shutting up and not interrupting – it’s about really taking in what someone is telling you

Annalisa Barbieri

24, Jul, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Covid jab uptake slows among young people in England, PHE says
Scientists say efforts to increase vaccinations by tactics seen as coercive are less useful than good communication via role models

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

22, Jul, 2021 @5:43 PM

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It’s time to rethink what loneliness is | Miriam Kirmayer
Research suggests that chronic loneliness may be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

Miriam Kirmayer

22, Jul, 2021 @10:27 AM

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Good practice in the treatment of mental illness | Letters
Letters: A lack of note-taking is not always a red flag in therapy, writes Dr Helen Damon, and Ruth Medhurst says that the terminology around illness is totally outdated


21, Jul, 2021 @5:28 PM

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