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Cry Macho review – Clint Eastwood’s dull 70s drama evokes no tears
The director’s latest film, in which he stars as a former rodeo star who travels to Mexico to save a friend’s son, is an inert disappointment

Benjamin Lee

15, Sep, 2021 @4:30 PM

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Will Cry Macho be the ultimate Clint Eastwood film?
The 90-year-old star’s next project may not be his last, but can you imagine a Clintier, more Eastwoodian title?

Stuart Heritage

05, Oct, 2020 @2:05 PM

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Lennie Niehaus, longtime Clint Eastwood composer, dies aged 90
Composer for Unforgiven and The Bridges of Madison County, who Eastwood taught to swim in the army, died in California

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

02, Jun, 2020 @9:15 AM

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My favourite film aged 12: Where Eagles Dare
Continuing our series in which writers revisit childhood movie passions, we find out if a war film from a pre-greenscreen era holds up in the digital age

Michael Hann

01, Apr, 2020 @8:57 AM

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Clint Eastwood: electing Bloomberg would make my day
Actor breaks with Republican party to support former New York mayor in 2020

Martin Pengelly

22, Feb, 2020 @10:59 PM

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Richard Jewell review – Clint Eastwood’s cautionary tale for cynical times
Eastwood’s elegant biopic about the 1996 Olympics security guard turned terror suspect resonates today

Simran Hans

02, Feb, 2020 @10:30 AM

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Richard Jewell review – Clint Eastwood's bomb-hero drama fails to detonate
The true story of the nerdy security guard who saved many lives during a terror attack at the Atlanta Olympics features a couple of great performances – and a lot of silliness

Peter Bradshaw

31, Jan, 2020 @7:00 AM

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Kathy Bates: 'I told Clint that after 50 years, I feel like I've hit the big time'
With her fourth nomination for an Oscar, Kathy Bates talks about overcoming brutal criticism about her looks, her pride at playing real women and why she loved working with Clint Eastwood

John Patterson

17, Jan, 2020 @6:00 AM

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From the archive: Norman Mailer meets Clint Eastwood in 1984
The novelist writes admiringly of the actor – even suggesting he’d make a good politician

Chris Hall

05, Jan, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Clint Eastwood reminds us women don't have to do much to be branded a 'slut'
The film Richard Jewell promotes the trope that women sleep their way to the top. It’s sexist, insulting – and nonsensical

Arwa Mahdawi

14, Dec, 2019 @1:00 PM

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Richard Jewell pushes a damaging myth about female journalists. Stop defending it | Benjamin Lee
The controversy swirling around an unverified claim of a journalist having sex with an FBI agent in Clint Eastwood’s new movie has led to a string of unconvincing justifications

Benjamin Lee

14, Dec, 2019 @10:44 AM

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'Crass and contemptible': is Clint Eastwood's new movie built on a lie?
Oscar-tipped drama Richard Jewell, the story of the security guard falsely accused of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing, has come under fire for suggesting a journalist traded sex for FBI tips

Benjamin Lee

12, Dec, 2019 @6:20 AM

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