Black holes

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Scientists simulate ‘baby’ wormhole without rupturing space and time
Theoretical achievement hailed, though sending people through a physical wormhole remains in the realms of science fiction

Staff and agencies

01, Dec, 2022 @3:34 AM

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‘Overweight’ neutron star defies a black hole theory, say astronomers
Exclusive: Gamma-ray burst from colliding stars unexpectedly gave way to day-long sight of hypermassive body

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

10, Nov, 2022 @4:14 PM

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Wednesday briefing: The telescope revealing the secrets of the universe
In today’s newsletter: After the James Webb space telescope sends extraordinary images of Jupiter, astrophysicist Dr Becky Smethurst explains why it’s so important

Archie Bland

24, Aug, 2022 @5:28 AM

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Terrifying ghosts or new Björk? What Nasa’s black hole recording sounds like
Eerie audio emanating from the Perseus cluster reminds social media users of sci-fi films and hungry stomachs

Mostafa Rachwani

23, Aug, 2022 @7:14 AM

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First dormant black hole found outside the Milky Way
VFTS243 has a mass nine times that of the Sun’s and is in a binary system with a companion star

Cash Boyle

18, Jul, 2022 @5:42 PM

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‘Quantum hair’ could resolve Hawking’s black hole paradox, say scientists
New mathematical formulation means huge paradigm shift in physics would not be necessary

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

17, Mar, 2022 @1:51 PM

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Black hole that was closest yet found does not exist, say scientists in U-turn
Researchers have a new view of HR 6819: two stars, one of them a ‘vampire’

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

02, Mar, 2022 @8:30 AM

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Nasa’s X-ray boom arm for black hole studies extends in orbit
Mission is step closer to exploring most energetic and exotic celestial objects in universe

Stuart Clark

24, Dec, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Gravitational waves from star-eating black holes detected on Earth
Spacetime-altering shock waves came from massive neutron stars crashing into black holes millions of years ago

Ian Sample Science editor

29, Jun, 2021 @12:29 PM

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Stephen Hawking’s office and archive gifted to UK to settle tax bill
Scientist’s treasure trove and personal objects to go to Science Museum and Cambridge University Library

Mark Brown Arts corespondent

26, May, 2021 @9:00 PM

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‘Stranger than anything dreamed up by sci-fi’: will we ever understand black holes?
In the new documentary Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know, the work of Stephen Hawking and others in trying to figure out a mystery for the age is put under the spotlight

David Smith in Washington

26, May, 2021 @6:09 AM

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Mysterious swirling light gives new insights into black holes
Experts discover crucial evidence that may reveal how magnetic fields behave around black holes

Linda Geddes

24, Mar, 2021 @7:16 PM

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