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This week’s best live music
Friedrich Cerha day | Jamie xx | Spector | A$AP Rocky | Colin Towns Mask Orchestra | London Sinfionetta: Feldman – For Samuel Beckett

John Fordham, Jennifer Lucy Allan, Andrew Clements & John Robinson

09, Oct, 2015 @12:00 PM

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Russell Brand is not alone: Horrors frontman Faris Badwan also thinks voting is pointless, yeah?
The Rugby-educated singer says voting is for people with no imagination. Roll on the indie election campaign

Sophie Heawood

30, Apr, 2015 @5:36 PM

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Spector: Enjoy It While It Lasts – review
Alexis Petridis: They began the year hyped to the rafters and hungry for fame, but are Spector already resigned to failure?

Alexis Petridis

09, Aug, 2012 @2:48 PM

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Camp Bestival: day one – in pictures

As the festival kicks off at Lulworth Castle in beautiful Dorset, we bring you the pick of the action

28, Jul, 2012 @8:06 AM

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Camp Bestival preview - in pictures

This weekend's the time for revelry in Dorset, with partygoers young and old assembling at Camp Bestival for one of the summer's best loved events. Here we gather together images of some of this year's acts for a pictorial preview of what you can expect to see over the course of the weekend

26, Jul, 2012 @12:11 PM

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Watch television with Fred Macpherson

The Spector singer on his viewing habits, from Brookside to Star Wars

Gwilym Mumford

06, Jul, 2012 @11:05 PM

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Music: our pick of 2012's new talent

A London indie band, a Harlem tenor and a Canadian blues singer are our picks for the year ahead

Kitty Empire, Killian Fox and Rebecca Nicholson

01, Jan, 2012 @12:05 AM

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Spector talk to Kitty Empire – video

Our critics have met the acts they're tipping for success next year, and here Kitty Empire gets to hang out with Fred MacPherson and Danny Blandy from Spector. They talk about the association with Phil Spector, writing love songs and their new album

Kitty Empire and Shehani Fernando

01, Jan, 2012 @12:03 AM

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New music: Spector – Grey Shirt & Tie

Don't run away when we tell you that Spector's Fred MacPherson is the new Johnny Borrell … we mean it in a good way, honest

Michael Cragg

08, Nov, 2011 @11:24 AM

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Why we're watching...Spector
East London's answer to The Strokes are on the ascent

Shahesta Shaitly

29, Oct, 2011 @11:06 PM

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First sight: Spector
A stylish London five-piece led by a rakish, Bowie/Jarvis-type pop conceptualist

Dave Simpson

02, Jun, 2011 @10:05 PM

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New band of the day – No 1,031: Spector

By naming themselves after the greatest record producer in history, this oomphy five-piece have huge boots to Phil

Paul Lester

26, May, 2011 @4:00 PM

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