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Britney Spears: documentaries about my life are ‘so hypocritical’
Spears says films by the BBC and New York Times about her 2008 breakdown ‘criticise the media then do the same thing’

Laura Snapes

04, May, 2021 @8:26 AM

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Britney Spears to address LA court about father’s control of her career
Singer rarely takes part in hearings but has asked to speak directly to court, lawyer says

Guardian staff and agencies

27, Apr, 2021 @10:27 PM

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'I cried for two weeks': Britney Spears responds to documentary about her life
Singer said that she was ‘embarrassed by the light’ in which Framing Britney Spears cast her

Guardian staff and agencies

31, Mar, 2021 @5:14 AM

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Britney Spears asks for father to be removed from running personal affairs
Singer has requested change of ‘care manager’ but father Jamie will retain role in her finances

Laura Snapes

25, Mar, 2021 @11:12 AM

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Hear me out: why Crossroads isn't a bad movie
Continuing our series of writers sticking up for films hated by the majority is a defence of Britney Spears’s entertaining 2002 star vehicle

Pamela Hutchinson

19, Mar, 2021 @6:11 AM

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Britney Spears: congressmen demand hearing on use of conservatorships
The two Republicans said Spears’s situation gave them concern for how less powerful citizens could be ‘unjustly stripped of their freedoms’

Laura Snapes

10, Mar, 2021 @10:42 AM

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'I was worried Lindsay, Paris or Britney would die': why the 00s were so toxic for women
Body shaming, media harassment, relentless cruelty – it’s time to reassess the decade that feminism forgot

Sirin Kale

06, Mar, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Billie Eilish's film shows post-Britney pop pressures are as tough as ever
The first digital-native superstar has far more music industry power than her pop predecessors, but she still faces toxic levels of scrutiny

Hannah Ewens

26, Feb, 2021 @10:15 AM

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Lawyer for Britney Spears' father responds to fans over conservatorship
Father Jamie Spears ‘saved Britney’s life’ says lawyer in response to the #FreeBritney movement that has advocated for the pop star

Guardian staff and agency

26, Feb, 2021 @2:25 AM

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The way Britney’s life was consumed holds a mirror to our own
Britney Spears may have been hounded for years by the media, but it’s only now that we can evaluate what that really says about us, says Eva Wiseman

Eva Wiseman

21, Feb, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Britney Spears: another pop princess trapped in a man-made fairytale
One contributor is notably absent from the new film about Britney: herself. But from Rihanna to Beyoncé to Taylor Swift, female stars have always struggled to tell their stories

Grace Medford

19, Feb, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Control or be controlled: the lessons of Britney Spears's grotesque story | Gaby Hinsliff
After seeing the pop princess chewed up and spat out for profit, it’s no wonder young women are choosing something different, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff

Gaby Hinsliff

18, Feb, 2021 @3:12 PM

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