Pete Seeger

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Neil Diamond's teenage obsessions: 'The Brooklyn Dodgers betrayed me and broke my heart'
As his 80th birthday approaches, Neil Diamond reminisces about Pete Seeger, the Everly Brothers and how a baseball team’s desertion led him to the guitar

Interview by Ben Beaumont-Thomas

12, Nov, 2020 @2:30 PM

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Civil rights anthem We Shall Overcome freed from copyright
The first verse of the song, which has come to symbolize the spirit of protest, is no longer under copyright after a New York verdict

Edward Helmore

12, Sep, 2017 @12:31 AM

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Music makes me cry my eyes out – here’s a guide to the tracks of my tears | Simon Hattenstone
Songs that induce weeping do you good, a study suggests. As a man who knows all there is to know about the crying game, I could have told you that

Simon Hattenstone

13, Apr, 2017 @10:02 AM

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Fred Hellerman obituary
Folk singer and songwriter who co-founded the Weavers

Derek Schofield

06, Sep, 2016 @11:55 AM

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FBI snooped on singer Pete Seeger for 20 years
Bureau amassed a massive 1,800 page file on composer of classic songs over suspicions about his links to the Communist party

Vanessa Thorpe

20, Dec, 2015 @12:05 AM

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The playlist: folk and world – Van Morrison, Peggy Seeger and Hindi Zahra
Celtic jazz from Van the Man, soulful funk from Morocco and revisiting Pete Seeger via Bruce Springsteen – all this and more in this month’s selection

Robin Denselow

09, Jun, 2015 @4:44 PM

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Ronnie Gilbert obituary
Female vocalist with the Weavers, the folk group blacklisted by the FBI in the 1950s

Derek Schofield

08, Jun, 2015 @2:57 PM

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Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and others: Songs of the Spanish Civil War review
This intriguing compilation focuses on music made by and for US soldiers who joined the fight against fascism in Spain, writes Robin Denselow

Robin Denselow

04, Dec, 2014 @11:15 PM

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Letter: When Pete Seeger reduced a conservative audience to silence
Garth Prince writes: Pete Seeger's performance started as a singalong and ended as the most effective political statement I have ever seen

Garth Prince

20, Feb, 2014 @6:42 PM

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Farewell, Pete Seeger

Ed Vulliamy and Rufus Wainwright salute the American folk singer Pete Seeger, one of the last heroes of a generation that still believed in change

Ed Vulliamy and Rufus Wainwright

02, Feb, 2014 @10:00 AM

When Pete Seeger sent Prince Charles to sleep | @guardianletters
Letters: Shame on Billy Bragg for not knowing the English version of This Land is Your Land

31, Jan, 2014 @9:00 PM

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Letter: Pete Seeger the Australian axeman
Wendy James writes: Pete Seeger asked us to find him a log and an axe for his performance of If I Had a Hammer

Wendy James

30, Jan, 2014 @6:28 PM

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