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WA’s offshore gasfields pay almost no royalties and stoke carbon emissions, report finds
Australia Institute report finds state received only $430m of its revenue from industry that generated $27bn in exports last year

Peter Hannam

16, Jan, 2022 @4:30 PM

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Household names: 168 Australian companies have paid no tax since 2013
ATO deputy commissioner says there are ‘legitimate reasons why a company may not pay tax’

Ben Butler and Josh Nicholas

10, Dec, 2021 @6:11 AM

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One-third of big businesses in Australia still don’t pay any tax five years into ATO crackdown
Some 782 out of 2,370 large companies paid no tax in 2019-20, mostly because they made a loss or claimed credits for previous losses

Ben Butler

09, Dec, 2021 @4:30 PM

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Proposed crackdown on multinational tax avoidance could deliver $1bn Australian budget boost over four years
Greens policy includes stopping companies claiming tax deduction for sending money offshore as intellectual property payment

Ben Butler

12, Nov, 2021 @7:00 PM

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British woman wins legal battle against Australia’s ‘backpacker tax’
Australia’s high court finds the higher rate of tax for working holiday makers is discriminatory and breaches treaty with UK

Paul Karp

03, Nov, 2021 @1:07 AM

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Godolphin pours millions into Australian thoroughbreds but disputes NSW land tax bill
Exclusive: Court and financial records reveal extensive details of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum’s local operation for the first time

Nino Bucci

30, Oct, 2021 @7:00 PM

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Senate backs inquiry into whether tax commissioner should release jobkeeper details
Senators want to know which big companies received wage subsidy but commissioner Chris Jordan insists tax information should be confidential

Daniel Hurst

19, Oct, 2021 @10:49 AM

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Offshore data: what has changed in Australia on tax and legislation after previous leaks?
The Panama and Paradise papers have been used to get more money out of multinationals, but a register of beneficial ownership is on the backburner

Ben Butler

06, Oct, 2021 @4:30 PM

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‘Incompetent’: Frydenberg attacked over jobkeeper after profit warnings from ATO revealed
Federal treasurer warned in 2020 about the revenues of hundreds of big businesses claiming wage subsidy

Paul Karp

05, Oct, 2021 @8:33 AM

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‘No stone is left unturned’: Australian links in Pandora papers will be investigated, ATO says
Australian Tax Office vows to find anyone doing the wrong thing in the wake of the biggest offshore data leak in history

Ben Butler

04, Oct, 2021 @2:13 AM

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Victoria’s electric vehicle tax faces high court challenge
Case, launched by two Melbourne EV drivers, will argue the levy is unconstitutional and ‘similar to the GST which is a commonwealth tax’

Lisa Cox

16, Sep, 2021 @10:53 AM

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Australia’s failure to act on tax transparency is at odds with miners and minerals lobby
Federal government accused of ‘choosing secrecy’ for not adopting the anti-corruption Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Christopher Knaus

13, Sep, 2021 @5:30 PM

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