Australian security and counter-terrorism

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‘Absurd’: lawyers criticise government’s high court bid to keep Collaery decision secret
Commonwealth also seeking to put forward new secret evidence that Bernard Collaery’s lawyers say would cause ‘irreparable prejudice’

Christopher Knaus

03, Dec, 2021 @3:13 AM

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The pandemic illustrates how precious and fragile our civil liberties are | Pauline Wright
It’s strange that a bill that would actually improve accountability in Victoria is being met by protests

Pauline Wright

19, Nov, 2021 @12:26 AM

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Australian law preventing sharing video of terror attacks results in zero convictions or fines
Attorney general’s department says successful prosecutions are ‘not the only metric’ for law’s effectiveness

Josh Taylor

18, Nov, 2021 @9:38 PM

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Australian defence force strengthens vetting procedures to prevent extremists from joining
Measures include better information sharing with Asio amid concerns radicals have sought to join the ADF ‘to obtain training and capability’

Daniel Hurst

31, Oct, 2021 @4:30 PM

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Under the radar: the Australian intelligence chief in the shadows of the Aukus deal
Andrew Shearer’s unreported meeting in April with Joe Biden’s top Indo-Pacific adviser may have been the clincher for the Aukus security agreement

Daniel Hurst Foreign affairs and defence correspondent

24, Oct, 2021 @4:30 PM

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‘Authoritarian-style’ law would allow Australia to use secret evidence to deport migrants
Proposed legislation would install a ‘regime of alarming secrecy’, legal organisations and rights groups have told parliament

Ben Doherty

10, Oct, 2021 @4:30 PM

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If Scott Morrison is framing the election around fear, national security may not be the slam dunk he's banking on | Peter Lewis
For conservative governments on the skids, defence is usually the best form of attack. But Australians are hardly gunning for a showdown with China

Peter Lewis

28, Sep, 2021 @1:11 AM

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Essential poll: majority of Australians back Aukus submarine pact, but fear it will inflame tensions with China
Coalition has 13-point lead over Labor on voter trust to handle national security, while ALP has 13-point lead on managing climate crisis

Katharine Murphy Political editor

27, Sep, 2021 @9:26 PM

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‘Every message was copied to the police’: the inside story of the most daring surveillance sting in history
Billed as the most secure phone on the planet, An0m became a viral sensation in the underworld. There was just one problem for anyone using it for criminal means: it was run by the police

Simon Parkin

11, Sep, 2021 @9:00 AM

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Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd could be spied on by Asio under new laws – here’s why
National security bills that give authorities new powers are being rushed through parliament. What do they allow and who can be the target?

Paul Karp

26, Aug, 2021 @7:17 AM

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Australian powers to spy on cybercrime suspects given green light
Coalition bill to create powerful new warrants, allowing authorities to modify and delete data and even take over accounts, passes Senate

Paul Karp

25, Aug, 2021 @6:20 AM

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Rex Patrick launches bid to make government reveal long-secret cabinet documents on Timor-Leste
Documents likely to reveal Australia’s strategy for bartering on Timor Sea maritime boundary prior to the bugging operation revealed by Witness K and Bernard Collaery

Christopher Knaus

15, Aug, 2021 @5:30 PM

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