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Russia-Ukraine war live: 2,000 detained during protests in Russia; Putin allies concerned over mobilisation ‘excesses’
Latest updates: all the news and developments from the war in Ukraine

Amy Walker (now) and Adam Fulton (earlier)

25, Sep, 2022 @11:58 AM

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The human tragedy of Hrushivka: the aftermath of a Russian cluster bomb attack in Ukraine
‘We couldn’t do anything for them’: medics speak out after a strike on a village close to the frontline

Luke Harding in Hrushivka, Ukraine

25, Sep, 2022 @9:56 AM

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The nuclear threat might change the mood in Russia itself, stoking widespread fear | Peter Pomerantsev
Putin’s propaganda glories in devastation but, like the Nazis, he is sowing the seeds of self-destruction

Peter Pomerantsev

25, Sep, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Richard Marles condemns Russia’s ‘appalling’ nuclear threat and pledges long-term Ukraine support
Australia’s defence minister says Vladimir Putin’s threat ‘cannot be allowed to stand’

Sarah Martin

25, Sep, 2022 @2:49 AM

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Roger Waters cancels gigs in Poland amid row over Ukraine war comments
Pink Floyd co-founder's stance on Russia's war against Ukraine has sparked ‘indignation’ in Kraków

Nadeem Badshah and agency

24, Sep, 2022 @7:41 PM

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Russia-Ukraine war: at least 730 protesters detained in Russia; Europe urged to accept Russians fleeing draft – as it happened
Arrests made in 32 cities at rallies against mobilisation; border crossings from Russia to Finland have doubled and 10km queue reported at frontier with Georgia

Nadeem Badshah (now); Geneva Abdul and Adam Fulton (earlier)

24, Sep, 2022 @6:52 PM

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Putin’s ship is sinking fast. Will he take everyone down? | Simon Tisdall
The scale of the Kremlin’s strategic failures in Ukraine is epic – and the exploded myth of Russian power may lead to the unravelling of the regime

Simon Tisdall

24, Sep, 2022 @5:36 PM

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Expect dissent to rise as Putin’s call-up brings Ukraine war home to Russians
As men of fighting age flee the draft, observers say Kremlin should be more worried about mounting anger away from the cities

Pjotr Sauer and Andrew Roth in Moscow

24, Sep, 2022 @4:54 PM

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Russians occupying Kharkiv region demanded personal data in return for food
Ukrainians in newly liberated Balakliia describe how their occupiers had been plotting the sham referendum on Moscow’s annexation

Luke Harding in Balakliia

24, Sep, 2022 @4:15 PM

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Missile strikes on Ukrainian cities as call-up causes chaos in Russia
Fresh wave of protests on Saturday after Putin declares ‘partial mobilisation’ of civilian men

Shaun Walker in Kyiv and Pjotr Sauer

24, Sep, 2022 @3:53 PM

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Russia-Ukraine war: Russians flee to avoid draft as west says Putin faces ‘major challenges’ to recruit 300,000 – as it happened
Western officials say true target could be higher but significant hurdles remain to mobilise stated target of 300,000

Maya Yang, Léonie Chao-Fong, Martin Belam and Tess McClure

23, Sep, 2022 @7:43 PM

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What happened in the Russia-Ukraine war this week? Catch up with the must-read news and analysis
Protests after Russia calls up reservists and repeats nuclear threats; ‘referendums’ announced for four occupied regions; and life after liberation

Guardian staff

23, Sep, 2022 @7:00 PM

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