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Terrawatch: Earth’s ‘boring’ plate tectonics period
Curious report suggests calm thousand millennia of ‘Boring Billion’ was more lively than thought

Kate Ravilious

03, Nov, 2021 @6:00 AM

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‘Sorry, a slight distraction’: Jacinda Ardern unruffled as earthquake interrupts press conference
The 5.9 magnitude quake forced the prime minister to pause and grip her podium before continuing to outline post-Covid lockdown plans

Tess McClure in Christchurch

21, Oct, 2021 @11:40 PM

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Thief broadcasts his face to thousands after snatching journalist’s phone during live report
In widely shared footage of the incident, the man can be seen snatching the reporter’s phone during a live broadcast in Egypt

Samantha Lock and agencies

21, Oct, 2021 @5:32 AM

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Greek island of Crete rocked by second earthquake in two weeks
Underwater 6.3-magnitude quake released ‘small tsunami’ with warning to avoid coastal areas

Helena Smith in Athens

12, Oct, 2021 @2:03 PM

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Explosion? Earthquake? Meteor? New England mystified by loud boom
No seismic activity detected and no cause has yet been identified

Gloria Oladipo

11, Oct, 2021 @3:11 PM

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Pakistan earthquake: at least 20 dead after powerful 5.7 magnitude tremor
Homes collapsed after the quake struck 100km east of Quetta in Balochistan, and officials fear the death toll could rise

Guardian staff and agencies

07, Oct, 2021 @1:14 AM

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Melbourne buildings vulnerable to ‘significant damage’ even with small earthquake tremors
Experts say comprehensive building inspections are needed to catch any undetected problems

Donna Lu

03, Oct, 2021 @4:30 PM

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Victorian earthquake explained: why did it happen and why was the impact relatively mild?
The magnitude 5.9 quake was the largest in Victoria’s recorded history and likely occurred along the deep faultline that separates Melbourne from the alpine region

Melissa Davey

22, Sep, 2021 @9:16 AM

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At the epicentre of Victoria’s earthquake, Mansfield miraculously escapes unscathed
A local bookshop owner says ‘everyone rushed out on to the main street, just bolted outside … like it was the end of the world’

Caitlin Cassidy

22, Sep, 2021 @9:09 AM

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How about an earthquake to remind us that we are just a powerless nanospeck in the universe | First Dog on the Moon
What they didn’t tell us about the end times was that when it was happening everyone would tell all the jokes on the internet in the first half hour

First Dog on the Moon

22, Sep, 2021 @6:50 AM

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‘Everyone was nervous’: Victoria avoids serious damage after major earthquake rocks Melbourne
Seismologists believe 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Mansfield Wednesday morning is ‘probably largest in 175 to 200 years’

Melissa Davey and Calla Wahlquist

22, Sep, 2021 @3:18 AM

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Melbourne buildings damaged in Victorian earthquake and aftershocks expected – as it happened
Earthquake near Mansfield shakes buildings across Melbourne, with some reports of damage. This blog is now closed

Calla Wahlquist

22, Sep, 2021 @2:49 AM

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