Antony Blinken

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US warns Russia has plans for ‘large scale’ attack on Ukraine
Secretary of state says Nato is ‘prepared to impose severe costs’ on Moscow if invasion attempted

Julian Borger in Washington and Andrew Roth in Moscow

01, Dec, 2021 @5:15 PM

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We need a new observatory of democracy in the Americas | David Adler and Guillaume Long
The Organization of American States is no longer credible. We need a new body if we are to protect democracy

David Adler and Guillaume Long

15, Nov, 2021 @11:13 AM

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Blinken clashes with China over US support for Taiwan
Beijing warns against interference, as US secretary of state also urges China to meet climate responsibilities

Patrick Wintour in Rome

31, Oct, 2021 @3:32 PM

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US urges UK to rebuild relations with Paris after submarine contract row
Exclusive: diplomatic effort by US following Australia cancelling $66bn deal with France not matched by London

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

17, Oct, 2021 @6:05 PM

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Blinken pushes back against Republican criticism at Afghanistan hearing
US secretary of state says Biden administration inherited Taliban deal to end the war with no plan for carrying it out

Guardian staff and agencies

13, Sep, 2021 @11:48 PM

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Taliban ban protests and slogans that don’t have their approval
Rallies in Afghanistan have already been broken up violently, now ‘severe consequences’ are threatened for demonstrators

Akhtar Mohammad Makoii in Islamabad, Peter Beaumont and Patrick Wintour

08, Sep, 2021 @6:56 PM

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US-led meeting to set out framework for Taliban cooperation
Talks involving up to 20 nations come as militants ignore calls to form inclusive government in Afghanistan

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic Editor

08, Sep, 2021 @7:33 AM

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China urges nations to ‘actively guide’ Taliban government
US should work with international community to help Afghanistan run government functions, Wang Yi says

Vincent Ni China affairs correspondent

30, Aug, 2021 @1:28 PM

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‘This is manifestly not Saigon’: Blinken defends US mission in Afghanistan
US secretary of state rejects parallels between chaotic scenes unfolding in Kabul and the humiliating fall of Saigon in 1975

Ed Pilkington in New York

15, Aug, 2021 @4:53 PM

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US ‘deeply troubled’ by controversial Poland media bill
Antony Blinken says legislation ‘threatens media freedoms’, as ruling party’s long-term prospects take a hit

Jon Henley

12, Aug, 2021 @10:14 AM

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China’s talks with Taliban could be a positive thing, US says
Delegation from militants meets Chinese foreign minister as Beijing seeks to extend influence in Afghanistan

Emma Graham-Harrison

29, Jul, 2021 @5:04 PM

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Blinken’s charm offensive in Europe highlights a key US concern: China | Elise Labott
The rhetoric reveals the direction of US foreign policy – and the work to be done unpicking the damage wrought by Trump, says journalist and academic Elise Labott

Elise Labott

01, Jul, 2021 @11:00 AM

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