Falkland Islands

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UK ministers urged to unseal files on Falklands attack that killed 56
Calls follow release of account by captain who said he strongly warned against ‘folly’ of attempted landing in June 1982

Daniel Boffey Chief reporter

05, May, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Falklands war art installation given ‘fitting place’ in Portsmouth
Standing With Giants, created for 40th anniversary, commemorates troops and islanders who died

Steven Morris

20, Apr, 2023 @3:30 PM

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Lost letters reveal how ‘desperate’ Shackleton charmed Falklanders to save stranded crew
Explorer hid his torment as he regaled officials in Port Stanley with jokes and stories

Dalya Alberge

05, Mar, 2023 @9:00 AM

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Declassified files reveal British interest in Falkland Islands oil
Ministers keen to claim UK right to potential deposits before and after 1982 war with Argentina

Grace Livingstone

14, Jun, 2022 @6:00 AM

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‘Partying with penguins’: joy as Falklands town wins coveted city status to mark the Queen’s jubilee
Residents of Stanley in ‘high spirits’ following its official recognition, as they get ready to celebrate in style

Miranda Bryant

21, May, 2022 @12:27 PM

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Doncaster and Milton Keynes among eight towns awarded city status
Stanley in Falkland Islands also becomes city after contest marking Queen’s platinum jubilee year

Caroline Davies

20, May, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Time has not healed the wounds of the Falklands
Letters: An Argentinian perspective on the sovereignty of the Falklands is remembered by Jim Sansbury, while Robin Prior takes issue with views expressed by Argentina’s foreign minister


10, Apr, 2022 @12:27 PM

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British sovereignty over the Falklands is an absurd imperial hangover that must end | Simon Jenkins
Forty years after the war in the South Atlantic, common sense demands a negotiated settlement with Argentina, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins

Simon Jenkins

07, Apr, 2022 @3:53 PM

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The week in TV: Hacks; Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars; Falklands War: The Untold Story
Jean Smart is on top form as an ageing comic seeking inspiration from a younger one, Gordon Ramsay dials it down for once and the deadly blunders of the 1980s conflict are explored

Barbara Ellen

03, Apr, 2022 @4:30 AM

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Argentinian Falklands veterans mark ‘day of sadness’ over torture they endured
As Argentinians celebrate 40th anniversary, veterans who were subjected to cruelty from commanders launch a fresh push for justice

Uki Goñi in Buenos Aires

02, Apr, 2022 @3:03 PM

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Argentina criticises UK refusal to talk about future of Falklands
Foreign minister calls for improvement in bilateral relations 40 years after conflict

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

02, Apr, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Forty years after the Malvinas war, Britain still acts as if the dispute is settled. It isn’t | Santiago Cafiero
I urge the UK, in line with UN resolutions, to resume negotiations over sovereignty, says the Argentine foreign minister, Santiago Cafiero

Santiago Cafiero

02, Apr, 2022 @5:00 AM

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