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Farewell to the iPod, the device that ushered in too much choice | Rebecca Nicholson
As Apple’s pioneering digital player shuffles into the sunset, has its legacy delivered on its promise?

Rebecca Nicholson

14, May, 2022 @2:00 PM

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‘I was totally smitten’: readers share their memories of the iPod
Apple has discontinued the music player that transformed a generation’s listening habits after its launch in 2001

Guardian readers and Alfie Packham

12, May, 2022 @9:40 AM

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RIP the iPod. I resisted you at first, but for 20 years, you were my musical life | Dorian Lynskey
It held my favourite mainstream tracks – and the obscure ones. But it couldn’t hold off the march of time, and Spotify, says freelance writer Dorian Lynskey

Dorian Lynskey

11, May, 2022 @12:36 PM

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Tell us: share your memories of your first iPod
We’d like to hear about your first iPod and the playlists you had on it

Guardian community team

11, May, 2022 @7:51 AM

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‘The spirit lives on’: Apple to discontinue the iPod after 21 years
Apple is discontinuing its MP3 player, bringing an end to device that transformed how we listen to music

Christy Cooney

10, May, 2022 @10:07 PM

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20 years of the iPod: how it shuffled music and tech forever
In October 2001, the music industry was riven by piracy and had no idea how to solve it. Enter Steve Jobs, whose new device created a digital music market – and made Apple into a titan

Eamonn Forde

23, Oct, 2021 @10:00 AM

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'You've been smoking too much!': the chaos of Tony Wilson's digital music revolution
The Factory impresario’s company Music33 sold individual songs as MP3s three years before Apple. But with a baffling interface and dial-up connections he was doomed

Dave Simpson

10, Aug, 2020 @9:45 AM

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Musical notes: Justin Bieber's TikTok-friendly Yummy is too eager to go viral
The Guardian’s new monthly column gathers all the ideas, trends and other musical flotsam that slips through the cultural net. Share your own thoughts on the month in music, and we’ll feature some next month

Alexis Petridis, Ben Beaumont-Thomas and Laura Snapes

08, Jan, 2020 @11:34 AM

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Apple became the greatest. But is its crown slipping?
The company is already warning its investors about this week’s results. Can it pull off one more comeback?

Simon Goodley

27, Jan, 2019 @8:00 AM

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From Macs to iPods and apps: how Apple revolutionised technology
Over 42 years, the company has created an ‘app economy’ and placed itself at the centre of it

Alex Hern

02, Aug, 2018 @4:03 PM

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Digital killed the CD. Will anyone mourn it? | Brigid Delaney
It’s hard now to believe, but there was a time when people would break into your car to steal the shiny, cheaply made scratch-magnets, says Guardian columnist Brigid Delaney

Brigid Delaney

27, Apr, 2018 @8:00 AM

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Are there any good portable MP3 players for blind and visually impaired people?
Annabelle has been using an Apple iPod Shuffle but the battery is going. Is there a cheap and suitable music player she should replace it with?

Jack Schofield

04, Jan, 2018 @11:46 AM

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