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AI expert Meredith Broussard: ‘Racism, sexism and ableism are systemic problems’
The journalist and academic says the bias encoded in artificial intelligence systems can’t be fixed with better data alone – the change has to be societal

Zoë Corbyn

26, Mar, 2023 @2:00 PM

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You wait ages for an AI chatbot to come along, then a whole bunch turn up. Why? | John Naughton
The fact that ChatGPT isn’t the only machine-learning program out there is down to the way in which tech breakthroughs arise

John Naughton

25, Mar, 2023 @4:00 PM

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Will Google’s rush to join chatbot party with launch of Bard backfire?
Success of AI-powered rivals ChatGPT and Bing Chat has forced its hand, but release brings risks for tech giant

Alex Hern

21, Mar, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Google’s Bard chatbot launches in US and UK
From Tuesday users can join waiting list for access to technology that firm hopes will rival Bing Chat and ChatGPT

Alex Hern UK technology editor

21, Mar, 2023 @2:00 PM

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TechScape: The AI tools that will write our emails, attend our meetings – and change our lives
From Gmail to Office 365, AI is about to become deeply integrated into the apps we use every day. Here’s how

Alex Hern

21, Mar, 2023 @2:00 PM

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AI makes plagiarism harder to detect, argue academics – in paper written by chatbot
Lecturers say programs capable of writing competent student coursework threaten academic integrity

Anna Fazackerley

19, Mar, 2023 @7:00 AM

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‘We are a little bit scared’: OpenAI CEO warns of risks of artificial intelligence
Sam Altman stresses need to guard against negative consequences of technology, as company releases new version GPT-4

Edward Helmore in New York

17, Mar, 2023 @4:08 PM

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GPT-4 has brought a storm of hype and fright – is it marketing froth, or is this a revolution? | Charlie Beckett
I have seen enough to know that it’s going to alter our lives. Just think what AI tools could do when used by creative people in fashion or architecture, says LSE’s Charlie Beckett

Charlie Beckett

17, Mar, 2023 @2:39 PM

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Chinese ChatGPT rival from search engine firm Baidu fails to impress
Shares plummet after Ernie Bot AI chatbot software falls short of expectations at unveiling in Beijing

Rhoda Kwan and agencies

16, Mar, 2023 @9:28 AM

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What is GPT-4 and how does it differ from ChatGPT?
The most powerful AI model yet from OpenAI, can tell jokes and write bar exams – but can it also cause harm?

Alex Hern

15, Mar, 2023 @5:23 PM

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OpenAI says new model GPT-4 is more creative and less likely to invent facts
Latest version can take images as inputs and improves upon many of the criticisms users had, but will still ‘hallucinate’ facts

Alex Hern in London and Johana Bhuiyan in New York

14, Mar, 2023 @9:20 PM

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Darktrace warns of rise in AI-enhanced scams since ChatGPT release
Cybersecurity firm notes emergence of sophisticated email scams featuring improved linguistic complexity

Mark Sweney

08, Mar, 2023 @12:54 PM

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