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Viruses may exist ‘elsewhere in the universe’, warns scientist
Prof Paul Davies suggests viruses may form vital part of ecosystems on other planets

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

06, Sep, 2021 @10:55 AM

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‘Mini-Neptunes’ beyond solar system may soon yield signs of life
Cambridge astronomers identify new hycean class of habitable exoplanets, which could accelerate search for life

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

25, Aug, 2021 @11:01 PM

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Why science can’t resist the allure of Venus: new missions to Earth’s nearest planetary neighbour
With a surface hot enough to melt lead, Venus has been left alone by space agencies for a decade. Now we are about to learn more about its climate – and the chances of life on other planets

Robin McKie Science Editor

04, Jul, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Scotland’s first female astronomer royal looks to open the universe to all
Renowned astrophysicist Prof Catherine Heymans hopes to broaden the appeal of her white male-dominated field

Libby Brooks Scotland correspondent

13, Jun, 2021 @2:10 PM

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Starwatch: your best chance of the year to see Mercury at night
Observers in the northern hemisphere can start tonight to look for the elusive target

Stuart Clark

10, May, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Astrology is definitely not written in the stars | Letter
Letters: We need to follow rationality and logic, not hocus-pocus, says John Zarnecki


23, Dec, 2020 @5:09 PM

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The 'great conjunction' kicks off a new astrological epoch. So what now? | Emily Segal
The apparent meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the skies – known as the ‘great conjunction’ – marks the birth of a new astrological epoch

Emily Segal

21, Dec, 2020 @11:15 AM

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Beyond Pluto: the hunt for our solar system's new ninth planet
Scientists think a planet larger than Earth lurks in the far reaches of the solar system

Stuart Clark

28, Jun, 2020 @8:30 AM

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In this global crisis, there’s one consolation: the beauty of the universe
In his new book, Until the End of Time, Brian Greene proposes there is an inner peace to be found by zooming out beyond this moment to the beginning of time

Oscar Schwartz

13, Apr, 2020 @7:00 AM

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Solar Orbiter spacecraft will capture the sun's north and south poles
Scientists hope the telescope will capture the imagination like ‘science fiction’

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

07, Feb, 2020 @11:10 AM

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Spacewatch: Nasa ends 16-year Spitzer infrared mission
Spitzer became first telescope to directly capture light from planets in orbit around other stars

Stuart Clark

06, Feb, 2020 @9:30 PM

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'There's something here': teen discovers new planet while interning at Nasa
Wolf Cukier, 17, discovered a planet 6.9 times larger than Earth and only the 13th of its kind

Edward Helmore in New York

10, Jan, 2020 @4:56 PM

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