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Liz Phair: Soberish review – forgettable coffee-table pop
The Liz Phair who brought frankness and feminism to 90s alt-rock is sadly absent on this, her first album in a decade

Phil Mongredien

06, Jun, 2021 @2:00 PM

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Liz Phair’s teenage obsessions: ‘I wanted to be a 6,000-year-old vampire with style’
The singer-songwriter on watching The Hunger 60 times, how EE Cummings inspired her lyrics and discovering magic mushrooms at a Grateful Dead show

As told to Dave Simpson

03, Jun, 2021 @3:00 PM

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Music gave me something to believe in – and kept me alive
From the Ramones to Kate Bush and Kiss, music’s healing power has been a constant for Guardian Australia’s Andrew Stafford

Andrew Stafford

27, Jun, 2019 @6:00 PM

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How to survive after Fleabag: a cultural guide
All the shows, books and even bands to seek out if you need more of a Fleabag-y fix

09, Apr, 2019 @11:50 AM

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'You could not have given us a bigger middle finger': Liz Phair on how Trump changed her music for ever
Her album Exile in Guyville captured the voice of third-wave feminism – but for the singer/songwriter, it’s time to head out and fight the patriarchy all over again

Evelyn McDonnell

03, May, 2018 @12:26 PM

Has Liz Phair written the worst album of all time? Far from it ...

The blogosphere went beserk after hearing lead single Bollywood, claiming this once intelligent songwriter is now mimicking MIA. But it's the most honest she's sounded in years

Priya Elan

12, Jul, 2010 @12:19 PM

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Laura Barton on the women who have bared their soul through music

Laura Barton celebrates the women who shared their dreams and demons

Laura Barton

19, Aug, 2008 @11:01 PM

The Phair sex war (repeated)

Liz Phair's Exile in Guyland - 15 years old and re-released this year - was conceived as a reply to the Stones' Exile on Mainstreet, and has become a landmark album

Priya Elan

20, Jun, 2008 @7:00 AM

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Liz Phair, Liz Phair

1 star (Capitol)

Adam Sweeting

10, Oct, 2003 @1:56 AM

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