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How Kim Kardashian became the public health activist for the stars
The celebrity organised a private Zoom call between the US pandemic chief and a group of her friends to spread reliable information about the virus

09, Nov, 2020 @4:30 PM

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Normality is now a luxury only the rich can afford | Mark O'Connell
The Covid pandemic has inexorably changed most people’s lives – but not those of the wealthy elite such as Kim Kardashian, says writer Mark O’Connell

Mark O’Connell

09, Nov, 2020 @9:59 AM

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Fur is out of favour but stays in fashion through stealth and wealth
As mink comes under the spotlight, many stars wouldn’t be seen dead in fur – but it remains a feature of certain luxury brands

Hannah Marriott

06, Nov, 2020 @2:45 PM

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First Kim Kardashian broke the internet, now she offends good taste | Rebecca Nicholson
No woner the reality TV star’s birthday posts stuck in the craw

Rebecca Nicholson

31, Oct, 2020 @5:30 PM

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Digested week: no sympathy for the second most awful man in America | Emma Brockes
Rudy Giuliani gets some comeuppance, Hugh Grant banks another hit, plus weird ways of wearing masks

Emma Brockes

30, Oct, 2020 @3:11 PM

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Kim Kardashian's father resurrected as hologram in birthday present from Kanye West
Dead celebrities appearing via optical illusion not unprecedented, but typically purview of concerts and museums

Alyx Gorman

30, Oct, 2020 @3:18 AM

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Kim Kardashian is having a luxurious lockdown. Why are people so surprised? | Niloufar Haidari
Maybe the star’s mistake wasn’t sharing pictures of a private island party, but trying to relate to us, says journalist Niloufar Haidari

Niloufar Haidari

29, Oct, 2020 @1:29 PM

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A meme is born as Kim Kardashian West tweets about private island birthday party
Reality TV star boasts about taking family and friends on holiday during pandemic so they could ‘pretend things were normal’

Helen Sullivan and Alyx Gorman

28, Oct, 2020 @5:59 AM

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What happened when me and Kim Kardashian both turned 40? | Eva Wiseman
Turning 40 is always a good excuse for a massive party, but this year the pandemic has rather spoiled things, says Eva Wiseman

Eva Wiseman

25, Oct, 2020 @8:00 AM

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Kim Kardashian West at 40: how the queen of social media changed the world
By exchanging her privacy for eyewatering wealth, Kardashian West defines our time like no one else. Now, she has dialled back the nudity, presented a family-oriented image – and even appealed to Donald Trump’s compassionate side

Morwenna Ferrier

21, Oct, 2020 @7:00 AM

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'Defend our nation': Armenian diaspora feels pull of another war
While Kardashians and others raise awareness, some consider returning to fight against Azerbaijan

Michael Safi and Bethan McKernan

03, Oct, 2020 @7:00 AM

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The only way is out of Essex: is it time for Towie to bow out?
The reality show is in danger of following the Kardashians into retirement, but a new generation could yet save the show

Yomi Adegoke

01, Oct, 2020 @2:28 PM

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